Friday, August 13, 2010

Stuck Trapped Stranded......

My Friday started out like any other Friday, well with one exception...Mr. P called me at about 5:30am to tell me that he had to stay for OT ~ BOOOOOOOO!!!

I went about my day, fed Ms. B, made my coffee...tuned into the Q to see that I could see & then I started my house work! A quick call to my pal Mary & then a call from my good friend Barb. Back to my housework :? Success, I was finished in no time flat ~ no pun intended.

Showered, dressed & I'm off to the market.....UGH, I had a flat tire son-of-a-@^&%$ - GRRRRR!!! I tried & I tried to get the flat off, but since my surgery I just don't have strength in my arms & my neck and ribs can't support the pressure when I strain. I felt like my neck was going to collapse, my arms were like noodles...I gave up. I kicked it a few times for good measure & I HURT MY FOOT! Back in, re-showered, put on clean clothes & I sat & I sat & I sat & I stewed in it!

I had such grand plans, but you see I couldn't leave. I was stuck, trapped like a rat, stranded!!!!

Mr. P got in at 3:30pm and saw the jack, the wrench, the hammer & the moving blanket spread out on the ground & he came in hollering at me "What the hell were you trying to do, kill yourself, break your bloody neck, why didn't you call AAA, don't ever try to do anything so stupid again" I started to cry...he was tired and hot and cranky & he was right. And, WHY DIDN'T I CALL AAA???? The thought never crossed my mind DUH!

He changed my tire & kissed my cheek, apologized for shouting and went up to shower :)

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! With my wheel's back on the road (he put the doughnut on and took the tire to be repaired) I was off to the market.

Back home BBQ chicken, oven roasted potatoes & turnip greens ~ he was a happy camper...shhhhh, now he's sleeping & I'm off to cyber-shop :) :) :) Happy Girl! Don't' tell & be quiet so he doesn't wake up!

See Ya tomorrow, Until then Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. OH my ...the dramas and traumas of life! IT IS SO DAILY!!!!!! argh! what good men....
    what would we do without them?
    Have a better day tomorrow! hugs...

  2. Ugh! I HATE flat tires. Even on a good day, the chance of me actually being able to change the tires on my truck are virtually zero. Glad you didn't hurt yourself in the process of trying to change the tire -- silly you!

    Aren't you glad we have big strong men in our lives to step in and help us out. While it may be frustrating to not be able to do everything ourselves, it's nice to know we have that support in place.

    Hope you're having a relaxing night!

  3. Oh sweet friend! I am sorry you had a flat and got yelled at too:) Sometimes we do things that aren't real smart but you were just trying to fix it on your own! Happy you got it fixed and got to get out! Have fun shopping! HUGS!

  4. I am s sorry you had a flt tire and tell Mr. P I will whoop his hinny if he yells at you again!!! ;) But you really shouldn't have tried to change it...We are women and I now that I had rather do stuff for myself than ask someone else but...sometime we do!! :) I am so happy that you got it changed and got to go to the store for a little retail therapy!!

    Enjoy your evening...Love you bunches!!

  5. I would have been yelled at too. And then apologized to also. That's how some men roll. Worry, freak, fix and sorry. I'm like you... I hate waiting for someone else to fix things when I have things to do! lol! You be good and take care of your body. xoxo