Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Monday....

Dear Monday,

On several occasions I have asked you nicely not to come around here anymore. For some reason unbeknownst to me you keep turning up like clockwork, EVERY MONDAY??????...... Now, I really must insist that this stop IMMEDIALTELY.

I will not ask you nicely, I will not bargain with you, I will not make any type of deal with you ~ I JUST WANT YOU TO GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!!

Did I make myself clear this time, I hope for your sake that I did.

A few suggestions…….Take a hike, take a flying leap, take a LOOOONNNNNGGGGGGGGG walk off of a short pier, take a slow boat to China if you must, but JUST GO AWAY :/

I am looking forward to not seeing you around here anymore, it's nothing personal, so please don't be upset or offended, I'm just not very fond of you, well, actually I don't like you at all not one bit, unless of course you are a holiday Monday and then by all means please do stop by & stay awhile.


Lynda P.....


Mr. / Ms. Monday GET LOST


  1. Oh those dreaded Mondays!!! I HATE them too! I had such a hard time getting my twins up for school today!! Mondays are just horrible to everyone and would be great if it did just go away!! Enjoy your Tuesday!! Love you bunches!!

  2. I hated Mondays when I worked! We had one lady who would call in sick MANY Mondays! We always said she must drink a lot on Sunday nights:) Just think... one day you will be retired like me and Monday will be a nice day and welcomed again!

    Love you all up there! Hope Billy is getting used to his new place in NC!