Monday, August 2, 2010

High Anxiety.....

Do any of you suffer from Sunday night anxiety???? I do, I don't sleep well on Sunday night, actually come to think of it I don't sleep well at all :/ BUT SUNDAY NIGHTS REALLY STINK! I get anxious about falling asleep, work myself up into a frenzy & then can't sleep! Makes for a very long Monday!!!

I have such anxiety about so many things, my family is changing and I feel like we are all growing apart from each other. I've tried and tried but I am just too tired now, I never seem to say the right thing. I find I always offend somebody. I find myself clamming up so that I don't say the wrong thing & I find that I keep how I am feeling inside and bottled up all of the time!

I just feel lost and alone today, kind of like if I were to just dispear would anybody notice that I was gone...yeah, I guess when the laundry wasn't done, the tummies got hungry, birthdays went by without a gift, Thanksgiving didn't have a Turkey, Christmas was treeless....maybe then & then would it only be for that moment? I think so!

Sorry to be such a downer today, no sleep tends to make me touchy. Maybe tomorrow I'll just crawl under the bed and hide there!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....


  1. OK dear Lynda, here comes a big hug! When I worked... Sunday nights were awful. I started dreading Monday about midday Sunday, knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep. I couldn't sleep for trying so hard to sleep and never wanted to get up on Monday morning. So, YES, I know exactly how you feel! And it does make you feel weird after the lack of sleep.

    Now, I am sorry you are feeling low tonight! It sounds like a chat with some folks might help a bit. Perhaps let them know how you are feeling and it might clear the air? Try to sleep tonight and have a clearer view of things tomorrow. If you need me, just yell!

    Love you bunches! Ganky

  2. I get anxious at bedtime every night. I used to say my prayers before I went to sleep, but then I'd nearly break out in a sweat feeling anxious about the things I was praying about. Having said that, I'm gonna say a prayer for you right now instead of when I'm going to sleep. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Things always look a little brighter in the morning.

  3. My dear Lynda...I sure know how you feel!! I have to take something a lot of times to help me sleep and not feel so anxious!! I lay down and think about things that I really shouldn't even be thinking/worrying about!! But that is just me! I will keep you in my prayers and just know I am always her if you need to chat!! Love you bunches!!

  4. awwwww... well, by the time you read these comments, you will probably be into Tuesday...and hopefully feeling better. sounds like there will be little prayers going up for you tonight, so I hope you will notice the difference!! I'll be one of those prayin'

    You need a dawg next to your bed to just stroke and stroke til you start to calm down.

    And you know that I know that I'm just preachin' to the choir telling you being anxious never changes anything but YOU!!!!! Makes you feel like a mid-life woman going through the worst part of a cyclone on the worst day of her menopausal crazed self!!!
    I'll tell you what - Forties can be wonderful, but they can also be crazy... I'll never forget my female ob-gyn telling me "HONEY, welcome to the turbulent forties. Hunker down and Hang on, and when it's all over you'll say WHAT a RIDE!! but boy will it only get better after that... okaaaaaaaaayyyyy, I'm ready for the better part! LOL...Turning 50 in a month and well, I'll say it IS getting better. I don't have as many troubles getting to sleep, and starting to settle down a bit...
    Hugs to you, and don't worry, we girls all feel that way more than a few we might as well just crawl in a hole, cause nobody would care,,,but WE know better ! Our Dogs would miss us like crazy within 24 hours. :-) :-) :-) That's why I love 'em.
    HUGS to you from all these girls out here who identify and CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE SURE WOULD MISS YOU!

  5. When you said you always feel like you are saying the wrong thing and how you feel like you are offending people etc. That is exactly how I feel. Usually my anti-depressant helps... I used to be alot worse!!! I am just a bundle of insecurities, worries and anxieties. Thank God for Him and drugs! lol! Love you and praying for you!