Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Rain & More Rain....

It's been raining since yesterday & it's so windy! I don't like to drive in the rain or when it's really windy. MY little car gets tossed all about!

Poor Ms. B was home alone today, poor sweetie, she' more "needy" than usual & she's usually pretty needy ~ LOL!

Mr. P comes home tomorrow afternoon! He & Billy have had a great time, they found a BBQ place on Friday & they loved it so they were heading back there tonight for a bite! MR. P, it's back to salad, salad, & more salad tomorrow....just sayin' actually I made a pot of turkey meatballs with peppers & onions YUMMO!

That's about for tonight, not much going on & I'm pooped & if you must know I like to go to bed early ;D I love to curl up under the comforter and prop my pillows up & read until I fall asleep, which usually isn't very long! Ms. B & Piggy are ready for bed so gals, I'm going to scoot!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying!


  1. I heard that it was raining there! I love to go to bed early too! It is one of my favorite times to curl up in my comfy bed, watch a little TV and ZZZZZZZZZZ:) I am happy the fellas are enjoying their time together! You go next time too:)

    Have a quiet and restful evening! HUGS!

  2. awwww...sounds like a you are missing that guy by now...So glad he can go and spend time with Billy. making up for lost time in Japan...Don't read any murder mysteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and hoping you have sunny skies tomorrow.

  3. I so love going to bed early and even love to read or watch TV and then off to lala land!!
    So happy the guys are enjoying there time together! Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!!

  4. You already know I'm a night owl. ;) I do enjoy heading to bed early and getting caught up in a book until way too late at night. lol!

    Feel free to send over some of that rain. We miss it dearly and sincerely need it. Munchkin says she's forgotten what rain feels like. Yep, just a little dramatic, but it has been a long time since it's rained.

    Have a great day!