Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stick A Fork In Me Cuase' I Think I'm Done....

Ugh, I feel like I have been beaten up today...I had every intention of napping when I got in from Remidcade, had to run out to get gas, then to the market to pick up some cold cuts for Mr. P, then oh well why not LAUNDRY....the never ending story!

Finally sit my butt down, RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG telemarketer. Umm, can I tell you that poor person has probably given up on making a career out of telemarketing after our conversation!!! Sorry, I just wasn't in the mood :/

Kept the phone by my side, decided to read, eyes start to droop ~ POUNCE, sloppy wet kiss & a stinky pink pig in my face! This went on all afternoon!! Every time I closed my eyes Ms. B's I know my mom wants to be left alone but I really want to pester her antenna went up & yes, I got pestered ALL AFTERNOON! I even sent her to the crate for timeout, she BARKED & BRAKED & BARKED! Anyone want a slightly used, beautiful, lovable, SPOILED ROTTEN yellow, o.k. I'll keep her, I'll keep her!

Now the Remicade jitters have set in I feel queasy & I keep breaking out in a cold sweat & my "I have to get up and go to work tomorrow & I know I won't be getting any sleep" anxiety has kicked in ~ SO, yeah! Like I said, stick a fork in me, cause' I'm done!

See Ya tomorrow, same time same place!


  1. Oh Sweetie!!! I am so sorry you are feeling rough from your remicade!! I hope tomorrow will be a better day!!! Love you bunches!!

  2. These posts make me feel so bad for you...
    Life is hard...and some days are just the days inbetween the hard days... and then some days are just "stick a fork in me" days...yeah...
    those DAWGS...they won't leave you alone when they can tell you don't feel good, and so they keep trying to nose and nudge and lick and kiss and slop all over you til you kick 'em out...(and as for mine, they keep scratching on my door or banging on it....grrrr...til I let them back in, and here we go...Hope you feel better in the morning...I be guessin' what Billy's news is???????!!!! maybe??!!
    :-) Hugs to you. PS...That tee shirt on Woobie would say *Master is Deployed ...Dawg is Depressed*....Every letter Justin writes (that gets to us) ends with ..."WALK the dogs for me."
    Oh my, we sure will....

  3. Oh you poor sweet baby:( I know you hate this time and then it passes. So hang on and this afternoon get you a nap and some rest!

    Telemarketers make me be rude and I don't like to be rude:)

    Love you bunches! HUGS!

  4. I felt bad for you reading your blog. I have had those moments when all I want is a little nap... a little rest! I am praying you feel better today and have a wonderful day!
    See why I am changing my phone number? I get telemarketer calls for a guy named Peter (everyday for a year) that I don't even know! That is frustrating.
    Love you tons and give that old dog a big hug for me!!!! xoxo

  5. I'm so sorry that you had such a rough day. It's frustrating when all you need is a little rest, and nothing works out to allow it. Hope you are able to sleep well tonight. (((hugs)))