Sunday, August 8, 2010

Antique Cars.....

We headed out to an antique/classic car show & flea market today! The cars were beautiful, the first one we came upon was owned by a retired United States girls you know I am a sucker for a Marine :D he was Vietnam Vet. He had two cars in the show. A 1934 Ford Coupe & a Model T, they were BEAUTIFUL! Well, I thanked him for allowing us to see & sit in his cars and for his service & ladies he thanked me...I was taken back, I don't know him & I didn't know what I was being thanked for. He just smiled and tapped the tattoo on my leg with his cane. I looked down and started to fill up, he said "Marine Momma"...."yes sir"..."well, ma'am that's probably the toughest job one can serve in the Corps" we just laughed. I asked if I could give him a hug & he obliged this crazy Marine mom!!! He gave me a giant bear hug & shook Mr. P's hand. While we were walking away he yelled "Semper Fi Folks". I turned and waved!

WE picked our way through all of those beauties, I spotted a classic 1937 Jaguar ~ I WAS IN LOVE!!!! And then, as I rounded the corner I spotted her, & oh I was just in awe!!! With what you ask?????

A 1949 VW Beetle Cabriolet Bug...The Original Punch Buggy!!!!

Silly I know but I just love those BUGS! I got to sit inside and pretended I was zipping down the Autobahn ~ BEEP BEEP!!

After that we wandered around to the tables that were set up, Mr. P found an antique long-bow and he scooped it up. I was too hot to look, I didn't want to see anything that I loved and then have to lug it around with me ~ DANG!

That was our day, hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Oh how fun! I love to run into other Marines, active or retired. I always thank them too! I think that fella is right, being a Marine Mama is the toughest job!

    I love looking at old cars but that little bug is just precious! My first car was a VW beetle, not a convertible but I was so proud of it! I drove it ONE day and the transmission fell out. My Daddy and my Brother put a new one it:) I was rolling again!

    Enjoy your evening my friend! Hope the wedding plans are all coming together!

    Hugs and prayers from Georgia!

  2. Yes...I do also love a Marine! Mine, Yours, and any other I come into contact with!! I like talking to them and even grabbing me a hug!! hehe!!

    Love those old cars and I want Britani to get her a bug! I think she would be so cute driving one!! Glad you enjoyed your day and I hope that you enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!!

  3. Sounds like you two had a blast...that's a good getaway outing...DATE time... :-) woot.
    Dang! I wish you had gotten a pic of you flying down the autobahn... That would have been blogger priceless... :-)
    My Kat loves bugs...She has a keychain VW beetle (blue) hanging on the little Corolla mirror. She just may end up getting herself one.....ONE day... (a turbo of course.)
    We had one when I was a wee little thing, and my mom said I always used to get sick riding in the back seat whenever we took curvy roads... ewwwwww....
    Have a great day. Loved the car pics...

  4. I know why the marine thanked you. I remember when my brother came back from Viet Nam. They were NOT treated like heroes. They were called names by anti-war protesters. It was a bad war but our boys were just doing their duty. It was a sad time. They deserved better! They appreciate "thank you's". They know what sacrifice is. I think you are awesome for thanking him and hugging him. Oh heck, you are awesome anyway! Have a great day! xoxo