Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waiting On Mr. P......

Mr. P came in late this afternoon, I was happy to see him!

He was feeling blue about leaving Billy, I felt bad about that but he started chatting about their drive & their talks and he was laughing in no time!

He was wearing his new boots and he looked so cute ;D, we stopped for dinner on the way home & chatted some more! His flights were good so I was happy about that he's not fond of flying!

Then it was on to our cozy little home, Ms. B was waiting by the back door...she was so happy to see him but she kept looking out the door, we both think that she was waiting on Billy! Silly pup!

Mr. P had to check her leg out for himself & had a long "talk" with her about resting it and being good. She was a drooling, tail wagging mess!

We're settled in for the night & Billy called to check in. I'll be more settled once he's completely settled in!

So ladies....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless. Please keep praying, IT REALLY WORKS!!


  1. I am happy he made it home safely and with stories to tell! Ms. B looking out the door waiting on Billy made me have tears:( Billy will be all adjusted before no time!

    Enjoy your evening with your honeypie! Love and hugs from Ganky!

  2. I am so happy that Mr. P made it home safely!! I am sure that he was missing Billy and so was Ms. B, but he is not so far away this time!! More visit are so nice!!

    Enjoy your evening and tell Ms. B that her Aunt Cindy said for her to get herself better!!

    Love you Bunches!!!

  3. All is well that ends well....
    Glad everybody is safe and inside the wire....
    Hugs. Thinking of you all as you adapt once again.