Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chasing Mummies.....

Queen Nefertiti Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten

Tutankhamun The Boy King

The Tomb Of The Great Seti

I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt, the mummies, the pyramids, the history of it all!

Now there is a show on the History Channel, Chasing Mummies & I just love it! It comes on Wednesday nights at 10:00pm EST, which is a bit late for me so I DVR it and well tomorrow the History Channel is showing ALL EGYPT ALL DAY!!! I have my DVR set to start recording at 8:00am...don't know when I'll get to watch all of those interesting shows but I'll find the time :D

A few Trivia questions for you....

1. Who was the first, and only, woman pharaoh?

2. What is the Egyptian system of writing called?

3. What goddess is the wife and sister of Osiris?

4. What is the name of the sun god?

5. Where did ancient Egyptian women place or wear perfume?

6. The Christian cross was developed from what ancient Egyptian symbol?

7. What breed of dog was used as a hunting dog in ancient Egypt?

8. What was the most popular pet in ancient Egypt?

9. Name the only wind instrument in ancient Egypt.

10. During which historical period were the pyramids at Giza built.

Put your thinking caps on!!!


  1. How interesting to find out you like this Historical period... and gahhhhhh!!! I thought I would be able to answer a lot of your questions,but I CAN'T!!!!
    I'm thinking the popular pet was maybe a cat???? Was the sun god Rah?? Only think I remember that one because it is my Marine cheer! lol... wind instrument flute or lute?
    The Egyptian writing um hyroglyphics...don't think I spelled that right, and I don't know if that's it, so I'm gonna look kind of dumb here... but it's all good fun, yes??? That's as much as I will venture to guess...It's better to be thought stupid than to speak up to much and remove all doubt!!!!! LOL!!! no doubt now is there???? Hugs to you and thanks for the fun post!

  2. I hate trivia....Not playing!!!hehe!!
    Enjoy your evening!!! I love you bunches!! And why don't you sneak off down here this weekend!!! Justin is coming home!!! :)

  3. Oh, we so enjoyed studying Egypt (multiple times). It truly is fascinating. I haven't seen the show, so I may need to check into it.

    Now, on to my guesses for the questions...

    1)Queen Hatshepsut (not sure on that spelling)
    5)On their heads in little wax cones
    6)the ankh
    7)a dog similar to today's greyhounds (can't remember exact name)
    9)a form of the flute
    10)4th Dynasty

    Did I mention that Munchkin really likes studying Ancient Egypt, so we've studied it more than once? lol!

    Have fun watching the shows when you get the chance!!!

  4. I know some trivia, but not this! Looks like Heather is getting the answers:)

    Hope you enjoy watching the full day of Egypt! Have a marvelous day my friend! HUGS!

    Ditto to what Cindy said, come join us:)