Monday, July 19, 2010

My Hubby Left A Yankee & Is Coming Back A Cowboy....

Mr. P had a few free hours this morning & early afternoon while Billy was checking in and attending classes so he set off on foot to check out the local hot spots!! He was "getting a feel for things" for our trip down!

He wandered quite a ways when he came upon Jacks Famous Texas Boots and well ladies my New England born and bred Yankee bought himself a pair of Justin Cowboy Boots :D

He has wanted a pair for a long time and now he has them, YOU GO MR. P!! I have a pair they are old as the hills so maybe I'll have to get me a new pair and we can go out dancing ~ LOL!

He bought me a new USMC sweatshirt ~ YAY ME!! I love sporting all of my Marine gear, I'd wear it all at once if I could ;D

Billy checked in, attended a few classes, got a temporary pass for his truck, they need one more document from the insurance company so that will be faxed over in the morning! He will hopefully check into the Battalion and his Unit tomorrow & get his room assignment. For tonight he was happy to be having one more night with the Big Guy. They went to dinner and back to the room to chat and watch some TV before turning in!

Mr. P leaves tomorrow, he'll be flying alone HE HATES TO FLY!!! Well sir, those boots were made for walking ~ LOL!

AS for me, I felt better today after getting back into the swing of things ~ thanks for all of your well wishes and kind words! They all touched my heart and brightened my day!

My Ms. B is a sickly-pup again...her poor little leg just won't heal. We had to go off to that darn old vet this morning, she has another infection in her knee, back on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, & pain killers. If this doesn't work she may have to have more surgery to remove the binding in-between the prosthesis :( ~ my poor yellow girl! But that tail is still wagging & she is HAPPY and waiting on me to finish up so we can go snuggle!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!


  1. Snuggle up with your pup and girl, get those cowboy boots out and do the boot scootin' boogie.

  2. Love those boots and I know those guys have enjoyed their time together! I pray he sleeps on the flight home, I don't really like flying either. Can't wait to hear all about Billy's new home away from home!

    Poor Ms. B, I can't believe she is having trouble again! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

    Big hugs and sweet dreams!

  3. Oh I have seen that place a thousand times and I have never went in!! Justin loves boots and he goes there to get his!! I am so glad Billy is getting settled in and things will all come into place and just as a normal as always!! I hope Ms. B gets better...bless her heart! I thought she was doing better!! I am glad to be back in my normal routine!!! Have a great evening!!! Love you bunches!!

  4. Aha! Yes, they found Western Boulevard. Where every restaurant and store imaginable are...
    (and of course the Theaters..) Well guess he will come sauntering up to you in the airport and say "HOWDY maam....Plant a Big Kiss right here on this Cowboy's Face! He's been out on the hot and thirsty and left one of his bestest little dawgies down in the badlands... I want my Cowgirl!!!!!! tee hee.
    Hope it all went well, and Billy got acclimated and so glad he got a personal tour with someone he knew. woot! Have a great day.

  5. OOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSS!!! I totally forgot to say I am SOOOOOO sorry about Ms. B having a relapse again.. darn. I hate it when our fluffabubs are hurtin'...bwah...I hope she will be okay really. feeling bad for her. Sayn a little prayer for the vet to be able to do the very best thing for her to make the fix permanent. Best wishes for her. Hug her and tell her a lady who loves dawgies sent her a get better hug.