Friday, July 2, 2010

Gone To The Movies.......

This is one thing that Billy & I have always enjoyed doing...seeing a good movie together! We have always enjoyed our time together and I am so happy that he still wants to spend time with me!

We went to the afternoon show, got our popcorn & Reese's Pieces ~ we like to mix the candy in with the popcorn! Then we smoosh down in the seats and pout our heads together so we can talk about the movie while we're watching it (we've always done that) and we munched away and LAUGHED!

He said he hopes something good is playing the next time he comes home so we can have another movie night together!

I got all of my housework done by late morning, grocery shopping early tomorrow ~ THEN I'M HITTING THE BEACH to relax & read!!!! I'm going to bring my camera too, so maybe some snaps at the shore for tomorrow...

Well, I'm going to scoot.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR ALL OF OUR TROOPS!!! And, one more thing...Thank you for all of our answered prayers ~ JUSTIN IS ON HIS WAY HOME FROM THE SAND BOX VERY VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh how fun! I remember when Autumn was little, we would go to the movies together and I spent more time watching HER watching the movie:) I loved just looking at her expressions. Enjoy your time at the beach my friend! BIG hugs, continued prayers and thanks for your prayers and support while Justin has been away! I know you have been a huge shoulder for Cindy as she has for you!

    Love you and one day I WILL meet you face to face and get a well overdue REAL HUG!