Friday, July 16, 2010

Nikky & Mike Came To Say "See Ya In September"....

Nikky & mike came by for dinner after work this evening! I tried to get pictures but as you can see they were all being too silly, they came out cute though!!!

We talked and laughed and Nikky tried to carry her "baby brother" out with her when she left! He'll be driving down for Nikky's wedding. We'll only be about two hours away from the base so that will be an easy ride for him!

We have been pacing all day & tonight Billy dressed his uniform, girls he looks so handsome ~ my heart just fills with pride!

I've cried a few times today & I'm sure that when they pull out of the driveway tomorrow I'll be chasing them down the street :/ I am thankful for the time that we have had and I know that he will be just a "few" hours away this time ~ but I still don't want to let him go!

I'm going to go spend a few more precious minutes with him, so....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless! Please keep praying, it really works!!


  1. Oh,,go ahead and cry. Tears are okay around here...especially for a strong Marine Mama..We may be strong and able to kick into gear whenever we are needed , but hellos and goodbyes are just where tears are a part of the role. New bumper sticker to be stuck to all our cars....I'M a MARINE MOM, I'M TOUGH! I WATCH BACKS, KICK BUTTS, AND I CAN CRY TOO!!!!
    Bwah..... It's all gonna be OKAY! He's gotta go back to work. OooRah and Semper Fi. Tell them to go to the ROADHOUSE and get a steak or ribs and think of Justin. Hugs to you sweet MMS

  2. Oh my friend, I have been thinking about you. You can talk to him on the phone a lot and you will see him again soon:). I am so happy you had a nice long visit with him and got lots of good hugs. Have a blessed day. Hugs!