Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Think I'm Getting Sick......


I haven't been feeling quite right since Remicade last Friday & I think that all of the stress of Billy being stranded, finally seeing him...being on the GO GO GO ~ party preps, PARTY PARTY PARTY & working working working , why work, well....because, hey, let's face it I loves to shop so I gots' to WORK!

I think I have run out of steam, officially ~ I am beat, exhausted, plum tuckered out!

I need to recharge my batteries, I don't want to miss a minute of my Marine...I have Nikky's shower next weekend, so I think I need to take a day to myself to regroup & recharge!

Not sure if I'll get it but I can't run myself into the ground this weekend & it's a FOUR DAY-ER ~ CAN WE SAY HAPPY DANCE!!

So, that's about it...

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying, it REALLY WORKS!!


  1. OH Baby, you have got to get some rest! I know you want to be everywhere with everybody... but you have to take care of yourself. So, pile up every chance you get and rest:) Hope you feel recharged tomorrow! Big hugs and continued prayers!

  2. Marine Mom Orders!

    Sargeant Major P! You are hereby ordered to The RACK. You are relieved of duty....Fall out and At Ease! :-) Take care of yourself Lynda... ! Stay well...Stay Strong! Rah.
    Hugs to you. HOpe you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Just catching up this morning on everyone's blog. I've had a crazy week myself. Nothing like yours though. Try to rest. You don't want to be exhausted for the rest of his visit home. Rest, girl, rest. Seriously. Rest.

  4. better get some rest!! I know how all of this excitement get to you and can bring you down! Maybe gets a couple of good naps in and rest up!! Have a good day...Love you bunches!!

  5. Gotta agree with my girls above. You already know you need rest. Hot bath and a little nap might help. And lots of prayers from us always!!!! lots of love too! xoxo