Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas In July......

Yes, you heard me right!!! I said Christmas In July on QVC, I know , I know CRAZY :) it starts tonight at midnight & I'll probably be tuning in. It was Remicade Friday & I usually have a LONG night SO I'll be occupied watching & shopping ;D SHHHHHHHH!!

I have been having problems with my feet, especially my left foot. After my infusion today the doctor looked at it, poked & squeezed it, tickled just to be a smart @#$!!! And, then he did an's just as I suspected ~ Arthritis, pretty bad in the left one, he checked out the right too, yup got it there too. Not as bad :/ ...he gave me a prescription for an orthotic support I AM NOT WEARING THAT UGLY THING WITH MY SANDALS. HE also gave me some exercises to do and he'll recheck it next month. If it isn't any better he'll do a nerve block so that it won't hurt so much ~ GRRRRR my foot hurts bad enough Doc, I don't need you sticking me with a needle there ~ Maybe I should kick him??? NAAAHHHH!

Going off for Nikky's fitting tomorrow morning, so exciting! YAHOOO, can't wait to see her all dolled up! She'll be beautiful!

But, for now.....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!


  1. Christmas in July sales are way too much fun!

    Sorry you are having so many issues with your feet. You have such cute shoes, so I can't blame you for not want to wear the support with them. :(

    Hope you have a nice evening.

  2. Oh I don't like it when you have the Remicade, I know it makes you feel bad:( Hope the doctor can do something to help with your hurting feet. I have had feet problems and that isn't fun!

    Enjoy your shopping, as I know you will! Hugs and let us know how Billy is doing in his new place:) Love you bunches! HUGS!

  3. I have fibro and arth in my back and can relate...

  4. I am sorry you are not feeling well!! I know that remicade is not nice to you!! Feet problems are not any fun at all!! Enjoy your shopping and your evening!! love you bunches!!