Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Dear Me.....

The sights you see on the beach ~ EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

Mr. P & I headed out to the beach early this morning, hoping to beat the crowd and get a good spot. We were there by 8:15, chairs out, reading the paper, sipping my coffee ~ CHOKE...what the????

Oh Lord, my poor eyeballs, they nearly popped right out of their sockets...well, I tried to take pics with my phone but I was too far away. Mr. P told me that I couldn't get up and follow them down the week we are heading back out with Ms. B in tow so you know I'll have my camera ready to take some snaps of her and the unmentionables ~ LOL!!

First we spotted two older ladies that pretty much looked like the two gals in this cartoon. They were collecting shells and thought nothing of stopping right smack dab in front of us and bending over to collect and rinse...OH MY WORD, that's when my eyes nearly popped out! Poor Mr. P, his exact words were "that's just wrong, so very wrong" ~ it was awful but one really couldn't help but look! It was funny to see them waddle on down the beach stopping every few feet and well, you get the picture. It was hilarious to watch all of the other people watching them as they made their way down the beach....

Before you know it their significant others came strolling by and yup you guessed it!!! Speedos with socks & shoes ~ OH MY GOSH!!!

It was truly enough to make you shake your head and shudder ~ eeeehhh!

We went to the town beach, not the big ole' state beach with tons of people, just the quiet little town beach ~ those Townies were feeling crazy today!

Anyway, I'm working on my tan, and catching up on my reading!

Ms. B will be heading to the vet next Monday, I've been watching her like a hawk. Her leg is still puffy, but doesn't seem to be draining anymore. So, we are hoping that a nice swim in the ocean will help. She loves the beach, I'll pack my big umbrella for her and her blanket and her water bowl and her ball and her pig and off we'll go!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying. It really works!


  1. OMG, you cracked me up:) Get it, cracked me up? Oh how funny, the thong and people who should keep their stuff covered... dang, do they think we are all blind?

    You made me giggle:) Have a blessed and restful evening! Love you all!

  2. Hahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahaha!!
    Oh my gosh...people over the edge...TOO much..
    And my hubby says exactly the SAME thing...That's JUST WRONG!!! And my 16 year old son says...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh..I'm blinded for LIFE!!! I am dying laughing...
    TOO funny. I think they don't use mirrors and their eyesight is just bad! Innocent of any offense...hahahahahahahhaha...
    Thanks for the funny. Glad you got an eyes wide open BELLYBUSTER!! Have a great Monday...

  3. Well words from my Justin: Things that make you go UGHHHHHHH!!!!

    Some people do no care what they look like!! Enjoy your evening!! Love you bnches!!

  4. That made me laugh! It reminds me of American Idol...."My mom and friends say I have a wonderful voice"... not. Someone had to tell them they looked good. Weird. Have a great day today! xoxo and keep laughing.