Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hardest Part Is Watching Him Walk Away.....

Well ladies my Marine is well on his way! They pulled out at about 1:00pm and took my heart along for the ride!

Billy was quiet this morning, giving his uniform another once over, checking & rechecking his orders...then we just sat together on the couch, Billy, MR. P & me! We did that the night that Billy left for Parris Island and we have done it every time he has come home and had to leave again :/

I tried not to cry but I failed at that miserably, Billy kept telling me not to be sad that we would see each other soon and then he teared up & well gals I REALLY STARTED BLUBBERING ~ LOL!

I was busy all day, laundry, cleaning, I cleaned Billy's room IT REALLY NEEDED IT ;D, ran to Target & then home and let me tell you it is tooooo quiet here!

All of the activity of the last few weeks has come to an abrupt halt and I am here with my thoughts and my feelings, I am sappy & weepy! I know that he had to go back but that didn't make it any easier, I know that he is in North Carolina and that is helping to ease the distance between us but really ladies I just wanted to jump on the hood of that truck and yell STOP YOU CAN'T GO ~ WHY????? BECAUSE I SAID SO!

I'm going to turn in for the evening, see everyone tomorrow!

Until then Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying it really works!


  1. OH mama,,,I feel with you. I am so sorry you are weepy and I wish I could come and sit with you and cheer you up and watch a movie or play a game...whatever..go shopping to take your mind off it. Hope tomorrow will start with a brighten-your-day call and you will get a happy start. :-) :-) thinking about you...chin up!!! Hugs ...

  2. I am weepy for you my sweet friend! I wish that I could sit beside you on that sofa with a bag of chips and some good onion dip or a bowl of popcorn... those things always make me feel better:) I feel bad for you but happy that he isn't quite as far away. Just save your money for him some trips home or you some trips there! Love you bunches and I'm gonna pray extra hard for you, Billy and Mr. P tonight! BIG HUGS!

  3. OK, Tears are already flowing and then to know that your Marine had to leave and well as I am leaving mine...Well honey us together are really just one big ole HOT MESS!!! No matter what it is still hard to let them go back to the life they have chosen and I my dear know exactly how you feel!! Take care and call if you need me!! Love you bunches!!