Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eyelid Cellulitis......


I finally gave in and went to the doctors this morning because my eye was still "Killing Me"! I have cellulitis of my eyelid, how the heck did I get that...I wash my hands fanatically I might add, I do not put my fingers in my eye, SO HOW DID I GET IT????

Good question, the doctor thinks it may have happened when I was scratching my eye. I have seasonal allergies & allergies to certain smells & the other weekend I was in a gift shop and there were lots of scented candles & things that made my eyes swell up & I started to rub and scratch them and must have pushed something in there and kept rubbing them.

I am on antibiotics for 10 days and if it doesn't go away I have to have IV antibiotics :( now I may not be able to have my infusion next Friday, WAHHHHHHHH! You can't have any type of infection or be on any antibiotics so I'll have to see.

On the plus side of things when I was weighed this morning I was FOUR more pounds down ~ YAHOOOOO!

Have you tried this yet, I pick ed some up yesterday for my coffee, so yummy. I just used a bit but it's good & creamy :)

And of course when I saw this next item I just had to get it.....

I got the LIGHT so I won't feel as guilty and well I add a shot of brandy and a dusting of nutmeg to mine so that's what I'm having tonight ~ A Glass of Christmas!

Until tomorrow HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. You poor baby, take care of that eye. You knew something was going on with it and I am glad you went to the doctor. Curious what is the infusion for next Friday? Hope your eye improves every day, Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh my...I can't believe that! I am glad you went to the doctor!! Sorry I haven't been around in a couple of days...Justin came home and brought a fellow Marine and those two kept me going!! I will be trying that creamer! Have a great day!! LYLAS!! You get better!