Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bass Pro Shops.........

Yup, that's what we did today ~ somebody shoot me please :)

Sometimes you just have to give in and do what the hubby wants to do, and I really didn't mind. I actually like roaming around this store, that is when I get to roam!!!

Mr. P claims that I "wander away" WAY TOOOO MUCH when we're out shopping together, imagine that? Well, ladies let me ask you this would you enjoy driving for about 40 minutes in the pouring driving rain to then stand in the archery aisle for oh, let's see roughly 45 minutes while your husband looked at this thingy?????

I don't think so, and after that he was ready to GO!!!! Oh no you don't mister...we're here to shop & shop we did!

I made my husband who is by no stretch of the imagination a fashionista buy some new clothes while we were here (he'd still be wearing the same jeans from high school if I hadn't thrown them away, LOL!), 2 new shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis and well I let him sneak in a new pair of camouflage pants for the upcoming hunting season...

So ladies, I'm officially a "hunting widow" in just a few more weeks. The old goat is now at the archery shop having a new sight put on his bow ~ like I said SHOOT ME NOW :)


  1. Yes...I refuse to got to this type of store with Jeff! Just like he refuses to go to Khol's! And my Marriage is interrupted for Hunting Season...But it's really just fine! I get my space then! Have a great evening! LYLAS!!

  2. I have never been in that store. My husband doesn't hunt or fish. I know that they have good stuff at those types of stores but there just isn't a close one! Hope you have a great day whatever you do!

  3. Loved it. Now, when I go to Bass Pro here, I always find stuff to buy. They have some cute clothes for women and the part of the store that has stuff for the house and kitchen is fun to me. Oh, and don't feel alone. My hubby would still be wearing the same clothes from high school, too. We just had that discussion last night. We must go shopping for him a new wardrobe!