Friday, October 16, 2009

Comfort Food........& Drink?

MMMMMMMMMM, it has been so clod & rainy here today ~ currently 39 degrees & windy ~UGHHHHHH!

While I did my house work I set a big pot of homemade chicken soup on my stove top & simmered it all day long.

First I boiled the chicken thighs and breasts with a bunch of spices. Once the chicken was cooked I de-boned (I let little Ms. Bailey have the skin :), she was very happy about that) diced some onions, chopped some carrots and celery and added it to the pot along with the chicken & a few bay leaves and let it simmer away. Once the veggies were all cooked I added some whole wheat penne and let that cook up.

Let me tell you just smelling that cooking away all day was good for the soul :) ~
so when Mr. P came back from his little hunting expedition we had steaming hot bowls of homemade soup, we split a grilled cheese & we each had a pumpkin spiced beer and boy oh boy was it ever good.....he's snoring away on the couch now!

A little bit after dinner I settled down in front of the fireplace to read & I had a nice glass of Port Wine, well this is a favorite fall/winter nighttime drink that I just warms you all the way to your toes!

Since I hadn't had any since last winter I forgot how much Bailey loved it too, yup that's right Ms. B is a wine-o, LOL!!!!!

I gave her a bit over ice (maybe about 1/4/ of a cup) she lapped it up & she's snoring away's going to be a nice quiet night!

Until tomorrow have a nice night be safe & God Bless!


  1. Soups sounds wonderful! I am making chili today! Wally would not be able to even stand up to get to the couch if we gave him one lap of something like that to drink...he is such a non-drinker!! lol!! You have a great day! LYLAS!

  2. Sounds yummy to me too! It is soooo cold down here and we aren't use to it... hot chocolate sounds good to me:) Have a blessed day!