Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello all...I'm back it's been difficult to keep up with blogs & everything else with Mr. P being home on vacation this week!

He's gone out bow hunting this morning so I have a few minutes to myself, YAHOOOOO!

I came In last night and it looked like a bomb went off in my house, why when the men are home alone left unattended do they make such a mess & dirty every dish????? WHY I ask WHY! I hate mess!

He's been out hunting almost every morning & afternoon, although he's been a bit sad because Ms. B is on the injured list...but, I digress...when I came in last night and walked through my kitchen to the dining room the floor was crunching under my feet!!! When I looked down there was dried mud EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So out came the broom.

Look what I missed going up the stairs to the berdrooms...

What is it you ask???? MUD ~ good thing it's housecleaning Friday, LOL!

I went out early after Mr. P left to take a picture of my flowers, they have seen better days :(

This is the tree across the street, I'm not sure if you can tell how beautiful it is??? It's fiery red right now but pretty soon all of those beautiful leaves will be blowing all over the place!

This was the sky from my hallway window, so pretty I had to take a picture of the sun coming's going to be a chilly day here!

Until tomorrow, have a Great Day, God Bless & Be Safe!


  1. Men don't understand, clean your feet! My honey has no clue that his shoes are dirty coming in from outside. Whatdoyoudo? Gotta keep 'em... trade in value isn't much the older they get, hehe! Have a blessed day and I love the pictures of the morning sun.

  2. Oh I just got finished getting on to all these kiddos I have here! They have been running in and out of the back door and my floor looks like a mud hole!! I will have to clean it up tomorrow! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!