Saturday, October 24, 2009

What A Day......

Today was a huge success!

It's true what they say you don't pick the dress the dress picks you & let me tell you when my little girl put "THE ONE" on and she started to cry my heart just burst & YUP I cried too. We only went to two places and we found it at the second store & when I saw that look and those big tears I knew we had to get it, so that's what we did...while she was off putting her clothes back on I ran up front and bought it for her :) that made me so happy to be able to do that for her.

She is quite honestly the most beautiful kindhearted daughter a mother could ask for & SHE"S ALL MINE...well, I guess I can share her with Mr. P & Mike & her brother, LOL! But that's it!

It's simply stunning & quite honestly the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

I can't post pictures here because Mike stops by to read from time to time.

I'm exhausted and soooo happy for my baby girl, now the hunt is on for the rest of us! LOL!

Going to curl up with Count Dracula & read, it's a good night for a scary story...howling wind & driving rain.

BOOOOOOOOO ~ Scared you didn't I?????

Until tomorrow, be safe & God Bless!


  1. Yikes... you DID scare me:) I am shaking in my houseshoes! I am so happy that you all had good luck with the dress. I can't wait to see it but WILL wait because we certainly don't want the groom to sneak a peak. That is part of the excitement when he sees her standing just before she walks down the aisle. Oh how sweet, gives me chills. Happy hunting for the rest of you:)

  2. I am so glad you guys found a dress and found it so quickly! I guess I can wait...not gonna be easy but I will live!! Maybe the dress hunting for the rest of you will be just as easy! And don't scare me like that you know I have night mares and wet my pants!!lol!! you have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  3. Wow I can't wait to see the dress! I'll bet that it is beautiful.