Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.......

Well, I'm back...I took yesterday off, not much going on we ran a few errands & went to pick a pumpkin and I grabbed a few gourds for decoration, except when I got home I couldn't find the wicker that I usually put them in so I just placed them on top of my jelly cabinet.

Isn't he cute? I usually dig out the seeds and roast the pumpkin & use it to bake's a lot of work but I don't mind :)

Here are my little cute!

Then I went downstairs and found my little scarecrow & flower basket, I made this little cutie last fall. It was hanging outside until about 4:30 this morning when I heard it banging away (it's so windy & rainy here today)~

After all of that I sat down to read my book and I fell asleep....I slept for about 5 hours, YIKES! I guess I was tired and once I woke up I was like a bear, GRRRRRR!

I put on my PJS grabbed my blanket and snuggled back down and did absolutely nothing...

Mr. P is on vacation this week, Lord help me :)

Well, I'm off ~ laundry to finish up and then I am making Shrimp Mozambique for dinner...

I'll take a pic & post this recipe You're "gonna" love it!

Until tomorrow, God Bless & Be Safe!

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  1. Perfect shaped pumpkin and I love your gourds. Can't wait to hear the recipe... I LOVE shrimp. Everybody teases me when we eat out because I always order shrimp:) Have a blessed day!