Monday, October 12, 2009

Look Who Came For A Visit.....

This cute little guy was out on my deck this morning when I got up, a little chihuahua. Isn't he just the cutest little thing you've ever seen :) ~

Max & Bailey were very interested in him and wanted to get out to "play" with him. He ran round and round the back yard, he was so tiny he could squeeze himself under the fence.

Mr. P tried to help me round him up but he was just to fast for us, besides every time he caught sight of Mr. P he ran the other way, LOL!

After that I ran over to Nikky & Mike's, I got lost, I get lost all of the time. They were standing on their front porch watching me drive one way and then the other. Oh well, I made it there eventually.

Turkey & stuffing delivered, it was Mike's birthday a few Wednesdays ago so I wanted to swing by there & see him :) he's so cute. He was making a lamb stew in the slow cooker and let me tell you it smelled DELICIOUS!!!!!

New slippers for Miss Nikky so her cute little tootsies won't get cold & then home, home on the range & yup before you ask I got lost going home too!

Oh well, I have to go switch the laundry and get my ironing done...

Until tomorrow, be safe & God Bless!


  1. We most definetly must be kin!! I get lost always...unless it is somewhere I go all the time!! I need some tootsies are cold!! Have a great evening...LYLAS!!!

  2. Cute puppy playing on your deck. Turkey and stuffing sounds delicious, especially when you are wearing warm new slippers:) Have a blessed day!