Friday, March 18, 2011

Yup It's Been a Long Day.....

I think I need to have a sit-down with my rheumatologist, I haven't been feeling well all week long. I know that all of this deployment $@#% hasn't helped any, I cannot sleep at all, my hips ache so much & my right hand is so swollen and red.

Poor Mr. P came in from work this morning and took one look at me and said that he felt so bad & that he wished that he could wave a wand and make things o.k. ~ well if I wasn't crying before that had me bawling like a baby ~ poor guy he didn't know what to do!

I had my first WW weigh in after joining last Friday. I was a hot mess, wore my lightest clothes & walked up to that nasty old scale...stepped on got off & waited tick tick tick WOW I must have broken a record must be the biggest weight loss in one week that they have EVER seen...the person behind the desk smiles & hands my 2 point bars and my weight loss tracker back to me and says with the biggest smile I have ever seen "GREAT JOB" oh wow I think it's got to be good... "you're down a pound!" WHAT ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME ONE POUND ONE STINKING ROTTEN POUND!!!! I just smiled and said "oh". Stayed for the meeting & then I headed off to do errands, I was so disappointed. Maybe next week I'll break a record, the leader said if you keep on losing one pound a week pretty soon you'll disappear ~ GEE THANKS!

After that home to do my housework, it was so nice here today I turned off the heat and opened up the windows for a while, buds on my lilac tree & the crocus' are coming up!!! YAY YAY YAY!!

That's about it for me...Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Girl, I am so sorry! Your Doctor has got to get with the program! Deployment changes the way everybody feels:( Hopefully you will get some relief soon and get some sleep!

    You made me giggle with the WW and ONE pound! I am really struggling right now! I told Marc yesterday morning... "Hey, something is wrong with the scales, 'cause it says that I lost weight"! We both giggled, when I went back up... I found it:)

    I pray that the time flies right by! That Billy is back home before you know it! What got me thru was PRAYER! Seriously, when I was worried about Justin... I prayed! It worked for me:)

    Love you bunches, praying ALWAYS for you and your sweet family!

  2. Yes Girl you sit odwn and tell that doctor everything and tell him that having a Marine deployed really messes up a mama's body and so you need extra help!!

    ONE pound = FOUR pounds in a month and yes deployemnt even messes with your weight and your ability to loose it!! Your whole world just STOPS!!! Trust me I know!!!

    I got a flat rate box today to get Billy a package out!!! :) I pray for him constantly!!
    I love you bunches!!

  3. Praying you feel better! And don't give up on your weight loss... next week it will probably show. Praying for Billy and know the Lord is keeping him safe. ;D xoxo