Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Much Going On.....

Well, they finally left yesterday morning. His buddies wife took this picture for me right before he got on that bus!

We were able to talk to him while they were waiting at Cherry Point for their flight, he was tired but ready to GO! Like I told Cindy when we talked on the phone, he got on the bus and took my heart with many emotions. I called my Nikky to let her know how much we love her and how very special she is to me, I just felt like I needed to tell her!

I spent the day in my house, because I just wanted to. I ran out to the market very early to shop for supplies, yes supplies!! I went back to Weight Watchers, I am an emotional eater and I figured that if I kept eating the way I had been this past week that I would need a tractor trailer to haul my big ole booty down to CLJ!

Signed up on Friday, bought a new cookbook to go with the new Points Plus Plan & then stocked my pantry with everything healthy & I'm making Mr. P do it with me :-)

I'll keep you posted....

Hopefully I'll get back to a routine and get back to my dear old bloggy friends very soon!

Love to all of you, thank you for your prayers and your good thoughts!!


  1. Oh Girl, I am hungry right now and trying so hard to resist temptation! I think you and I are about the same height and that is tough!

    I am praying for your Sweet Son, he is so darned handsome! Looks like you:)

    Take care of yourself my friend and when he gets where he is going, he will be getting some of Ganky's special packages!

    Love you!

  2. Oh I am so an emotional eater and need to go and join the weight watchers and try to loose some of this but I am just not at the able to do that right now!! Maybe soon!!! Don't forget to send me Billy P's address...gotta get those packages out!!! Love you and I am here for you today, tomorrow and always!!!

  3. Hang in there MMS... I am praying for Corporal Platt . you know that...Please email me his address!!!! Hugs dear friend. This week has been a TOUGH ONE for both of us. OOO-RAH for the MOTO-DIET with WW....xoxo

  4. ((((((hugs))))))) And loads of prayers. I doubt Billy will be found wanting for packages, but we're always ready and more than willing to help out. ;) Just say the word. :)

  5. Prayers and love coming across the country and world for you and your family.... especially Billy! We love you and will ALWAYS be here for you! Forever and ever!