Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Change of Command.....

Today Billy's Unit officially relieved the Marines that will be leaving...he will be busy, driving out to the front and back several times a week. He'll be a driver on and off base, on base o.k. off base not so much :/ we spoke to him this past Sunday he was excited to get going. His GySgt has put his name in for a few "special" assignments. Can't talk much about them, please just say a little prayer for him...

Now as for all of the pictures, Mr. P found them today it was just like being back in Boot Camp!!! We used to get to see pictures of the boys going through training YAY!

Well about these pictures, the Marine closest to the camera carrying the rifle right next to the Marine carrying the Marine Corps flag is my Billy!!!!! OH HAPPY MOMMA DANCE!!!

I just thought I'd share with all of you!


  1. Great Pictures and I so remember going through tons of pictures looking for Justin at bootcamp!! Prayers continue for Billy and so glad you got a phone call!! Love you and enjoy your day!!

  2. Yeah to Mr. P for finding those pictures! I am with Cindy, I have looked at soooo many trying to find Justin when he was deployed and at boot camp! Isn't it sweet to catch a glimpse from so far away?

    I am praying for that sweet Son of yours! God please keep him safe! Love you bunches, HUGS!

  3. How exciting! Sure will keep praying for your son and all the other heroes.

  4. praying!!!! not just for him but for you, girlfriend! God listens! So cool to see those pictures! You must be so proud!!!! Take care! ( I said 'take cake' the first time ... so maybe you should do both!) lol! xoxo