Sunday, March 6, 2011

And He's Off.....

Billy out at Mojave viper....

Billy & two of his buddies, I've connected with their moms and one is married so his wife! We've got quite a little support group going on!

We spent the day together today, Billy's friend Al came for breakfast & then Nikky & mike came by to spend some time with Billy. It was nice hearing them laugh together!

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing the sea bags :/

Off to the airport...some of you know and some of you may not know but I had surgery on my cervical spine in March of 2009 & I now have a metal rod and two titanium cages in my neck and down my sternum...well I made the alarm go off when we went through the gate...I was scanned, x-rayed and patted hands were swiped for gunpowder residue...finally the TSA person said ma'am what do you have down your shirt...duh it's not down my shirt it's a rod and it's in my spine & those are titanium cages and they hold me together .....x-rayed again ~ oh now we see. OMG I know that they are just doing their job but my word. Did you think I was packing a weapon & had it hidden in my spinal cord????

We were able to go the gate with him, as the minutes ticked on it became harder and harder to stop the tears. People were curious as to why all of the tears, when they stared to call the passengers to board the attendant was notified that there was a member of the US Marines waiting to board and he was with family, she asked that we be given some privacy to say our "see you laters", never goodbye, well he got a standing ovation!!!! People then started to say thank you to all of us as they passed by, oh what proud parents were were...when he finally walked away to board after many many hugs & kisses he turned around and yelled "OOHRAH Semper Fi mom & dad, it's time to become a part of history..."

Godspeed Son, OOHRAH & Semper Fi...we'll see you in October!


  1. Ooooooooooo-Raaaaaaaaaaah. He's ready.
    Justin left March 5th last year and returned September 30th. There's no way to explain the I won't try.. Got your back MMS.
    Hugs...and Hugs.....and Hugs......and Hugs...
    love ya. Praying for your hero. Thanks for the return you give!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Dang, Woman, I have shed many tear today and let me just tell you "I don'l like to cry"! I feel like this is my Grandson or my Nephew, my heart aches for you! I know that these Marines are trained to do what they do, to stay safe and watch out for each other... Marine families are watching out for each other too! I am sorry that you had trouble getting thru security, I am happy that you did whatever was necessary to get thru it and OMG the send-off, his shout-out to his proud parents, the standing ovation... much deserved, makes me so proud and YES... crying again! Love to you, prayers constant and strong for Billy's safety throughout and we'll be crying again WHEN those boots are on USA soil AGAIN!

  3. Ohh Lynda. I just stopped by to check in (haven't been on lately) and am crying at my computer. I am sure there are no words to describe how sad you were, but must have been so proud of that moment. Stay strong, sweet friend.

  4. You do make us cry. We are all praying for you and Billy! He will be home before you know it to hold you in those strong arms of his! Praying, praying and more praying! xoxox

  5. Thinking about your family this morning. Hope you guys are doing ok.