Thursday, March 10, 2011

Semper Gumby.......

After all of the commotion the rushing to the airport the night flight back to Camp Lejeune my Marine is still waiting for the word's been a long hard week here!

They were supposed to head out on Wednesday and were told to standby until further notice....suffice it to say they will be leaving soon VERY heart is breaking all over again.

I have been busy at work and it's nice to be occupied for a good portion of my day. I tried to work a bit in Billy's room, it's a disaster but it made me too sad...quite honestly I think I just want to look at the mess for a little while longer :/

He has had to hurry up only to be kept waiting, I know that that's the military way but it hasn't been easy.

We've spoken every night and with each conversation he becomes more resigned to the fact that he is leaving. I feel bad because he was so ready just a few days ago their moral was up up up, I know they will get back there again the hanging around has been tough for them!

I haven't slept well at all, my face is all broken out, I have been eating everything that isn't nailed down and crying all night long....I look a wreck if I keep eating the way I have been I'll be rolling down to Camp Lejeune when they finally come home!

Ughhhhhhh....I think liked Boot Camp much better!

Thank you so much for all of your prayer...keep em' coming prayer warriors!!!

Much love to all of you!!


  1. Got Your Back!...I know.... It is EXTREMELY of the hardest is deployment...and you see Mamas who HAVE survived it...Mamas who ARE living and surviving it, and Mamas who are dreading it as it stares them in the FACE!!!
    LAUGH OUT LOUD....excuse me...I'm laughing at your JOKE...not your stressed and sad predicament!!!!!ROLL down to CL????? YOU ARE A FUNNY FUNNY SISTER!!! THAT's the spirit I want to see and hear...Keep that humor in your days and you WILL SURVIVE girl....I promise...
    I have not heard from Justin YET!!!! I do not even know for SURE where he is...They were going to Italy in route...I know that...but nothing more...and his address was given to me ...but I know nothing more....sigh...whimper....Just a hotline email from FRO...a phone call????ANYTHING???!!!!!!!!!!! drat.
    I'm with you girl. Hang in there.. keep your chin up and get the hammer out and start nailing down the Little Debbies and Doritos...
    Hugs - Love - Courage - Praying...Billy is OKAY! They WILL leave and HE WILL BE READY! After all...He is a Marine!!!!!! RAH! xoxo

  2. Yep, they certainly don't want anyone to know exactly when they are doing anything! Hang in there girlfriend. I know it is hard, I remember! I would ask Cindy a million times when they are doing this or that, how much longer and when will we know! The answer was always ... whenever they want to and I don't know!

    Love you bunches! Try to rest!

  3. We are so linked together in so many ways!! I also say that I LOVE boot camp compared to this deployment crap!!! Just hang in there we are fixing to be in the same boat together and can just eat everything and cry for 7 or more months!! Just hold on and remember...Keep Praying It works!!!

  4. Keep the faith, dear! God hasn't sent him for a reason. He is in God's hands and He will guide and protect Billy! And He will bring you comfort and hold you up until Billy is back in his mama's arms! Praying for you all! xoxo