Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh My Aching Heart.....

Tonight is our last night with Billy, the tears have been there all day and now I cannot stop them from flowing. Ha has asked that we not go down to Camp Lejeune, quite honestly he said that it would be hard enough saying goodbye to us at the airport he couldn't handle it if we were there, he knows he needs to keep his head in the "game" and he doesn't want to see us as he looks out the windows...just wants to keep thoughts of us at home in his heart and in his memories until he's back home again...

Please keep him in your prayers...


  1. Oh my sweet Lynda, stick out your hand... a little further! There, right there, your hand in mine AND that is where I will be, holding your hand! I PROMISE I'll be praying for your sweet Billy and for all of you, missing him and worrying about him! I am sooooo sorry that you are having to let your precious Son go:(

    Dear God, please watch over Billy Platt and bring him home safe! Please take care of his broken-hearted Mama and give her peace beyond all understanding! Give him the knowledge and skill needed to take care of himself! Thank you for this loving family and all that Billy is doing to keep us safe! AMEN

    LOVE you bunches Lynda, Ganky

  2. Oh Marine Mama Sister..I am walking with you. Ganky can hold your hand, and I'll walk behind you. I got your back girl. Cause that's what we mamas do over here...while they go over there.
    You need back's here...You need corpsman to band-aid your heart....we're need someone to let you open up and talk and pour it all out....Marine Bloggy sisters available... IT'S DANG HARD!!! WE are a band of sisters like they are a band of brothers.
    I am praying for your Billy. Count On it. Bank On it... And I know you will be praying for my Justin...comfort...Encouragement...calming the hearts...that's what we do best. Look out for one another...And that's EXACTLY what they will be doing and it's what they do BEST!!! They go to fight wrong...but above all else...they protect their brothers FIRST...
    RAH!!!! Keep your chin up, and keep your knee pads on for praying.....Hugs to you...I KNOW what you are going through. Semper Fi MMS.xo