Monday, December 6, 2010


Ladies, we are getting some COLD Arctic air coming down from Canada & let me tell you it's COLD & WINDY! It was 26 degrees here this morning * with the wind chill, which we had most of the day it was 10 degrees :/ OH NO I WANT TO BE WEARING MY FLIP FLOPS!!!

I made a nice big mug of hot tea when I got in tonight, I am not ready for this cold weather!

We haven't gotten our tree yet, we were supposed to tag it over Thanksgiving weekend but we ran out of time so maybe we will take a ride out to the tree farm this a few Christmas gifts out of the way, but a bunch more to go!

I can't believe how fast this year went, it flew by.

Well gals, I'm going to scoot.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. I know it's cold here too! About the same temperature that it is there, crazy weather for the South! I can't stand to get out of the house when it is this cold! Hope you stay warm my friend! Love you bunches! HUGS!

  2. It is COLD here too...way too cold for me! I hate it but I am having to deal with it since I have to go to school!! I am learning to layer up on my clothes!

    Just stay warm and girl...GO GET YOU A TREE!!

    Love you bunches!

  3. That's when I sing the Barney song "Cold, brrr, I wish I had fur! I wish I was a bear with furry, furry hair!" I'm glad it isn't so cold here anymore! Must have gone east! Have a great day sweetie!