Monday, December 13, 2010

Rest Easy Soldier....

"And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldiers tomb, and beauty weeps the brave." - Joseph Drake

After I posted my blog on Saturday night, I clicked over to facebook and found out that a friend of Billy's one of the "Boys" that used to come over here for the Sunday Football Games was killed in Afghanistan. It was a long hard night, I tried to get to Billy before he read it online but I was too late. He had received about a dozen text messages, he called he was crying, my heart was breaking for him, for his friend, only 21 years old, for his mother & his father. For so many dreams that will never be realized.

Billy's facebook post shortly after hearing about his friend...

Billy Platt
Be with your loved ones, kiss them, hug them, hold them for all those who can't.

I spoke to Billy several more times Saturday night and again on Sunday, he went into work to keep busy and to ready things that he will need to take with him when he deploys, I hate that word!

The family flew out Sunday to meet his remains and we are just waiting on word for the funeral arrangements. Billy is hoping to be able to pay his respects to his friend, I told him that if the arrangements were before he came back that we could go out to the cemetery together.

He went with his Lieutenant this afternoon & spoke to A MARSOC Marine "recruiter", the Gunny that he spoke to ran all of his info and said that he qualified and that he could begin classes to go MARSOC ASAP ~ Billy was so excited as this is something that he wants to do but he will be deploying soon so if all works out then he will probably start training/classes in January of 2012...I think that that child of mine is trying to kill me slowly but surely :/

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Oh I am so sad for you, billy and the Soilders family!!! I can not imagine what they are going through! My heart breaks and I hate that our boys are going to be deploying next year!! Billy before Justin but still I want them to stay home!! LET WRITE THE PRESIDENT!! :)

    Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!

  2. Oh my dear Friend! I am so sorry for this family, for Billy and for you! It just breaks my heart that these young men risk their lives and some lose them! Just not fair:( Love you bunches and I'll be praying for ALL! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. oh dear heart breaks with yours. I know that Billy is hurting and coping with that. They are trained to deal with it, but still, they have to face it each time all anew.
    I will say a prayer for the young Marine hero's family, for Billy and for the remaining platoon brothers that continue with one of their own gone. God bless 'em....protect them..and bring them home!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's never, ever easy when one of our guys has their life cut short. It breaks my heart, and makes me want to hold my Marine even tighter at night. {{{hugs}}}

  5. wow... that is so tough. We are all praying for the family and friends of this dear boy.

  6. Oh Sweetie...
    My heart just aches for all. Billy has a rough road ahead of him. It's a hard way to face a day isn't it? Bless his heart.

    I will be sending up prayers for Billy, to receive the guidance he needs to deal with this. For the soldier, his family and all that are struggling to cope over the loss of this beautiful young man.

    I continue to pray for you sweet friend. You have a rough road ahead as well. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry