Monday, December 27, 2010

Random Ramblings...

Sorry, I keep apologizing for not blogging & promise to get back to it FULL TIME but I've been so busy!

Billy is enjoying his time at home, I am on vacation enjoying my time here with him!!

Christmas has come & gone, a lot of work for one day ~ whew!! We do Christmas Eve & Christmas day, I pull double duty every year, actually I do all of the Holidays and I like to do them big ~ kid of like Clark Griswold ~ LOL!!

We had a blizzard yesterday, YIKES over a foot of snow, wind & then some ice and more snow, the Billy's were BUSY this morning!!

A few pictures form Christmas Eve & the STORM!!

Ms. B ~ Santa Paws stopped by and left her a big bag of toys for being such a sweetie girl!!

Billy, waiting for the festivities to begin!! It was so great having him home!

Mike, hehe....I put the apron on him, didn't he look like he was having a blast! Actually we were laughing & Nikky said "you know where that's going???" BLOGGER ~ LOL!

Nikky, she was assisting me with the last minute dishes for Christmas Eve ~ Thank you Beautiful Girl!!

We weren't very good with the picture taking this year :/ oh well, my memories will live forever in my heart!!

Billy, shoveling the driveway this morning!!

The "Snow Show" ~ staring Ms. B....Enjoy!!!

Dedadedade ~ That's all folks!!

Mr. P drove me to the book store earlier and I am ready to go get warm & snuggle up with a good book!! Tracy, if you're reading I'll post the titles in a day or so, they all look so good!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    What a beautiful post. Loved seeing the photo of Billy waiting for festivities to begin. I imagine you did SO enjoy having him there.

    Really loved that Santa didn't forget Ms B. That little Moose is just precious. Bruiser would have loved a little Moose. He got a new little squeaky toy instead. He loves squeaking the toys at the time when you want him to the most. Like when we are trying to sleep, and he still wants to play. Oh sometimes we have to take it away from him. He is go focused on playing.

    Loved that photo of Mike. He looks real happy about being on the blog, but Nikki oh is she ever beautiful? I love her face. She is a little doll. She looks better in the apron, sorry Mike, Nikki beats you out on the apron.

    The snow is so pretty, but I don't like the cold. I will keep my upper 60 weather with sunshine. The warmth always feels so good to my bones.

    Happy New Year, can you believe it is already coming? Oh my 2011. Where has the time gone?

    Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  2. I love the pictures and it was great hearing BillyP's voice Christmas morning on the phone!! I am so happy that he was able to be home with you all this Christmas season!

    Looks like everyone had such a wonderful time, including Ms. B!!!

    I wish we could have gotten more snow than what we did but its ok...we enjoyed the beauty of it and didn't get stuck in for days!!

    Enjoy your book!! I got one for Christmas from ganky...Where the red ferns grow!! I read it as a child and she bought it for me as a childhood memory!! I can not wait to read it!

    Love you bunches!!

  3. Snow...Snow...Snow...Snow! Remember that scene in White Christmas where the four were sitting in the diner car on the train going up to Vermont?...and they started singing that song! White Christmas - one of my favorites. And WE got one. close to 6 inches in Charlotte. wow!
    It's beautiful...but I'm ready for it to all be gone now...thank you. Glad you all had a wonderful time..including Ms. B! :-) :-) hugs!

  4. WOW, that is some snow! Your sweet Billy is so handsome! I am happy he was home with you and blogging can wait:) Everyone has been busy during the Holidays and family comes first! Ms. B sure looks like she doesn't mind all of the snow! Mike is cute but the apron looks better on Nikky:) Love you bunches, enjoy your book! HUGS!

  5. Oh, so much beautiful snow! Looks like Ms. B was having a blast with her new toys and the snow. Our "puppy" got lots of new toys. He's so funny trying to decide which toy to play with. lol!

    Sounds like you had a delightful Christmas even if you were way busy. ;) I know you're enjoying having Billy home with y'all this year. :)

  6. Your snow might be the only snow we see this week. It is suppose to snow, but the weather men up here only know rain. Or showers. Or sprinklings. You get the picture. Enjoy your time with Billy. Such a blessing to have around, I am sure. Glad you posted. I was getting worried! xoxo love you!