Monday, December 20, 2010

Look What I Came Home To...

I couldn't get my pictures to post in the order that I wanted, but you get the picture right????

SNOW, yup...about an inch and a half slippery but so pretty....GRRRRR I do not like wet snowy footprints on my floors!!!

And when I came in there was a very special package on the dining room table, homemade candy from Ganky ~ YAY!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I ripped open the bag of buckeyes and sampled one ~ can you say "TDF" yummy!

Thank you so much, it made my night!!

A young Marine from our area was killed last spring in Afghanistan, his mom has a memorial Christmas Tree in her yard, I stopped by this evening on my way home and hung some ornaments on it. The snow was falling & it was so quiet on that little street. After I hung my ornaments I just stood there crying, when I looked up his mom was watching me out the window. She smiled and waved, I waved back and told her thank you.

I have so many things to be thankful for this Christmas season...and I am counting every blessing!!

Billy is on the road & should be home tomorrow out of the oven banana bread will be waiting for him!!

Gotta run, love & hugs to each of you!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. I am sooooo happy that you got your package! The mail is running pretty slow these days:) You know I couldn't have made all of that delicious candy without Cindy telling me exactly HOW to do it, hehe! Love the snow and it sure makes it look like Christmas up there!

    What a sweet thing to do to honor that precious Marine who gave his life for our freedom! Thank you for adding some ornaments and leaving your tears there! I know that his broken-hearted Mama appreciated it so much and so do I!

    I'll be praying for Billy to have a safe trip home to some warm banana bread and his Mama's hugs! What a special Christmas! Love you bunches! HUGS from Ganky!

  2. Pretty White stuff....And I am glad it is at your house and not mine...! I will enjoy the pics....Thank you from a fellow Marine Mom...That was a beautiful and sacred thing to do, and I am sure it touched the mama's heart to witness your token of love and honor to her son...I know it would mine... AND RAH for the Ganky Treasure Box...I got mine when all the kids were here this weekend, and they were ALL gone the next were delicious. I told Theresa I shared some with me dad she gave goodies to MANY people. Saying a prayer tonite for Billy to be safe on the roads...Hope you are feeling all better by now. Hugs to you for a Merry Christmas...

  3. Such pretty snow. It looks like Ms B is enjoying it. :) That being said, praying that everyone has a safe journey home this week.

    We received a couple of packages today as well, but no opening for us. They had to go under the tree. Oh, the torture. lol!

    That was a beautiful thing that you did for that other Marine Mom.

  4. I am so glad you love your goodies Ganky sent you! She is a precious soul!!

    The snow is beautiful and I would love to have a white Christmas if us southerners knew how to drive in it!! But we don't so I hope that it stays away...lot of visiting to do!

    I am so glad billy will be there with you!!
    And oh my I began to cry thinking of that sweet tree in the yard for all to hang ornaments on after him giving his all for us!! God be with that sweet mama!! :(

    Enjoy your day!! Love you bunches!

  5. I can see the picture of you standing there with the snow falling and you hanging the ornaments with the mom watching. One Marine mom to another. Unspoken communication but knowing the thoughts of the other. It made me cry as I read it. Thank you for sharing that intimate moment with us. I prayed for the family.
    Have a great day today and enjoy your snow! lol!