Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is not a picture of my toilet paper holder thing, but this is how Mr. P left my toilet paper holder thing this morning....NOT NICE!

Then when I jumped into the shower, guess what he used the last of the soap and then must have washed up with my ......philosophy "Amazing Grace", but instead of using the pump he unscrewed the top and it fell over into the tub ~ GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Ran around hit JC Penny and got a bit of Christmas shopping in and then I went to the market. A new market opened up in our area about 3 months ago, I was reluctant to try it as it is about 20 minutes away and I just hate to try & find things in a new store BUT LADIES!!!!! Hold onto your hats, I went the week before Thanksgiving and I have to say that I must have saved at least $150.00 ~

I am hooked, the prices are out of this world. They have crazy in-store specials, nice wide aisles, big carts!!!! The nicest bakery EVER, I could go on & on...

Picked up all of the things I will need for our cookie baking day & items for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day dinners!!!

Oh & Mr. P managed to "run" out just as I was rounding the corner, he is on the "not nice" list tonight!

Going to run & make a hot cup of tea.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Well, My sweetie will take a new roll of toilet paper out of the cabinet and sit it on the counter... arghhhhhhhh! Now he is mighty well e'jucated but can't work that toilet paper thingy:) Wonder if I could save some money by coming up there and shopping, I'll check the airfare:) hehe Love you bunches, enjoy your hot tea! HUGS!

  2. I hate to look over and have no toilet paper...UGH!!!
    I think ganky and I could maybe get a group rate on our airfare and come up money and see you too!! OH HOW WONDERFUL THAY WOULD BE!!

    Well enjoy your you!

  3. Wow that place sounds awesome... Do you guys have ALDI up there??? I save tons of money there also!! Kurt has one in Iowa City thank goodness!
    heh heh...The TP thing is not so funny. Men...can't live with em and CAN NOT live without em????!!! Hugs to you... have a nice cup of tea for me too...Thank you for praying for my dad, sweet bloggy sis... He said he had a harder day today. He and I went to Messiah concert tonight...
    That way neither of us had to sit alone. :-)

  4. The tp thing is one thing that drives me nuts.

    Sounds like you've found a great place to shop. Glad you were able to find the things that you needed.

    Hope you had a relaxing evening. ;)