Thursday, December 16, 2010

SNOW WHAT???????????

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The weather man is calling for snow for Sunday, that's our Mom & Daughter cookie baking day!!!! We're hoping that it holds off until after we bake, spoke to Nikky earlier ~ "I'll be there early if they say snow later in the day"

Mike will be staying behind to do his Christmas wrapping, but I will be making a warm "stick to your ribs" dish and I'll be sending some home for him!!

Billy will be heading home on Monday afternoon, driving, so hopefully he stays ahead of the snow. He should be in by Tuesday early afternoon!!! But if you could keep him in your prayers, while he makes that long drive...

We'll be getting our tree Friday afternoon & I'll have that thing decorated Saturday morning ~ YAY!!

I might try baking Italian Egg Biscuits, never made them before but I LOVE THEM with a hot cup of tea!!

That's about it for me, caught up on what you all are doing & I'm heading downstairs to snuggle up by the fireplace!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. I sure hope that the snow olds off for your cookie baking!! And I hope that Billy makes the trip just fine!!
    Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!

  2. ME too ME too ME too....I'll be praying for the cookie day to go totally undisturbed...for Billy the MAN to get home safe and sound added to my own for the Justins to get to their homes and for my honey to make it through all the airports and snowstorms going on up there already....oh my...prayers a plenty!!! Italian Egg Biscuits??????? I never heard of them. You have my curiosity going.... Hugs to you and keep your feet warm!

  3. Me three, Me three, Me three:) I agree with my peeps, I'll be praying for no snow on cookie baking day! I will pray extra hard for Mr. Billy to have a safe trip home to visit his precious Mama for Christmas! Love you bunches my friend, I am heading upstairs to my soft pillow:) HUGS!