Friday, December 3, 2010

And The Answer IS.......

1. What kind of Christmas is Bing Crosby dreaming of?

~ White

2. What reindeer's name begins with a V?

~ Vixen

3. All I want for Christmas is my...?

~ Two Front Teeth

4. What should you do under a mistletoe?

~ Kiss

5. Where was Mommy kissing Santa Claus?

~ Under the Mistletoe

6. What does Alvin want for Christmas?

~ Hula Hoop

7. What was the name of George Bailey's guardian angel in "It's A Wonderful Life"

~ Clarance

8. What is the Scrooge's first name?

~ Ebeneezer

9. What did Ralphie want for Christmas in "A Christmas Story"?

~ A BB Gun

10. Which Christmas Carol contains the verse "O tidings of comfort and joy"?

~ "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

I'll do a few more Trivia games before Christmas, feel free to copy the questions...print out copies, make scrolls, tie them up with pretty ribbons and play with your co-workers or at your next family gathering..make it fun and perhaps make an inexpensive gift basket filled with some chocolates, a scented candle, a nice pair of cozy socks....!


  1. Well, now that was fun! I didn't know Clarence and the BB gun:) Have a blessed Friday dear Lynda! Love you bunches, stay warm!

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    How fun was this? Oh I so enjoyed myself. I hope you will do another trivia before the holidays, as I have so enjoyed it.

    I remember that Red Ryder BB Gun that Ralphis wanted. My kids love the Christmas Story and talk about that lamp in the window each year and laugh. What fun that was.

    Have a gorgeous Friday Sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. ahhhh...a BB gun... that was fun! (that was the only one I missed!) Hugs to you, Bet you are cold. Even the South was in the low 20's last night. brrrr.

  4. I did not know the BBGun or Clarance!! That was fun...lets play that some more!! hehe!! I hope you have had a wonderful Friday!! Love you bunches!