Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Story.....

This is my favorite Christmas Story, I read it every year and watch it a few times too...I have probably seen every version ever made!

My dad loved this story too, it makes me think of him & our Christmases when we were little. My middle sister Lauire and I used to have such fun, finding the gifts & then sneaking out to the living room early on Christmas morning to peak at everything!

Funny how the Holidays can bring the memories flooding back....

I'm going to go and have a good cry for myself.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless! Or, should I say "God Bless Us Everyone!"


  1. Thankfully, memories are made to last a lifetime! I love this story too! Have a blessed evening my friend! Love you bunches! HUGS!

  2. Yes! Love that Scrooge and Tiny Tim tale...
    I loved the Disney one with Mickey Mouse and the others... :-)
    Yes, holidays do have a way of drawing those special memories out of our archives, don't they??? I was telling Kurt of the memory I had commented on over at Joyce's about our first apt, and first Christmas, first tree...etc and he said oh yeah!...remember we walked from our apartment down to a tree lot, and I carried that tree back over my shoulder??...!!!!! NO! I did not remember that...(This really bothered me too!!) How did I forget that part???!! So I was glad he had some archives stored away that I DIDN'T!!!! It's true ...The two of us are what make our puzzle complete. even in memories stored. :-) Hugs to you . Thanks for sharing your favorite Christmas tale. **ps-Crying sometimes cleans the slate...Fresh for a new day... xo

  3. I love all my Christmas memories and I am so glad that I will have them forever!! I am glad that each year I make memories for my children!!

    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing!! Love you bunches!

  4. Papa watches the Alister Sim one every year. He loves it. Traditions. Aren't they great? Enjoy your memories... they can make you smile. ;D xoxo