Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I got "nuttin' honey" ~ my mind is blank, I am so stinking cold my teeth are chattering...I want a cup of tea but I'm too darn lazy to get up and make one!!!

So many things to do & not a lot of time left to do it...we haven't gotten our tree yet ~ long story, suffice it to say that we didn't get to go out & tag one as a family Thanksgiving weekend!

Mr. P has been busy working weekends so we will have to get out early Saturday morning find one chop it down drag it home put it up & wait for it to warm up so that the branches can fall!!! Then I have to get it decorated!

Best part of the weekend is Sunday, my Nikky is coming to bake with me & I cannot wait to see her, I hope that Mike comes along...I'll make a nice hot stew and some bread to keep them warm and energized!

Billy should be here on Tuesday, I've managed to turn his room into a giant walk-in closet again so I need to get my butt in gear.

I'm too tired for all of this ~ LOL!

Well, looks like I babbled on like an idiot...going to run!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Oh Girl, minus the tree... same here! I just got finished dragging a bunch of stuff upstairs to clear out the dining room AGAIN! Shopped again today, so more to wrap but still have a full weekend and some weekdays with not many plans! I can't wait to spend Christmas with our Marines! Different than last year:) Love you bunches! Rest and get warm! HUGS!

  2. No tree here either sister... I figure if we don't get it this weekend...well, ...I guess we WILL get some sort of kind of tree somewhere. Just wouldn't be right...I have given the kids a new ornament every year since they were knee high, and I have one for this year too....gotta keep our traditions....so by jingo...just DO IT! Have fun with Nikky and all the baking and cooking and flour flying everywhere and yummy smells and guys coming in trying to taste all the stuff.... :-) Know you are looking forward to seeing your Marine. Justin should be coming in around Tuesday or so..haven't gotten the final say yet. Hugs to you. (**And I am feeling the need for those hot cups of tea lately!) Got down to a reading of 10 out on our deck thermometer very early this morning.brrrrrrrrr.....

  3. Let's just say that it's a good thing we have a fake tree - otherwise, we'd be in the same boat with the tree.

    Sending you some warm weather and warm thoughts.

  4. You better hurry up and get that tree!! I know that you are excited about doing some baking with Ms. Nikky!! I love doing that kind of stuff!!

    Go and get you a nice warm cup of tea and have a great day!! I love you bunches!