Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts......

It's been so cold here & I am so ready for the summer to get here...I want to wear my flip flops, capri pants, go the the beach, have hot dogs on the grill, go for a ride to the beach and get an ice cream cone, go to a baseball game....I WANT SUN I WANT 85 DEGREE WEATHER I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!

So let's all keep thinking those warm thoughts!!!!


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    Come on out, and you can wear your sandals, your capris, and we could always drive on over to Huntington Beach for a day. Yep, we have the best of both worlds here. The weather has been warm the last 2 days. It feels so good on my bones. I will make sure tomorrow that I soak up a few rays for you during my lunch hour. I love to sit on the balcony in the sun and enjoy my lunch. It feels so wonderful.

    I wish I could bottle some up and send it to you sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. ooooo girl...I KNOW you wanna share some of that cone!!! I'm coming...set the date. Hope you are starting to thaw out and I know you are already looking for new summer sandals! lol!
    You will be one cutie-chic Marine Mama when you get out on the beach..I know.
    Pencil in the BBQ and ice cream date!!! YUM
    Hugs to you!

  3. While you're thinking warm thoughts, I'm thinking cool thoughts. We had to **gasp** turn on the air conditioning a couple of times this week as it was too hot upstairs at night. **shakes head in disbelief**

    It won't be too long until you can put those cut flip-flops to use again. ;)

  4. I totally agree!! I am so ready...I woke up this morning to the grounds covered with that white stuff but thank God it was not on the roads!! I am so glad!!!!! I seen a post of face book that said we are ready for mother nature to have a hot flash!!! Everyone is ready for summer and warmer weather!!! But until then lets just keep dreaming and eventually it will get here!! Love you bunches!

  5. I know, I am just returning from the beach and even though it was cold... it was still the beach:) Big hugs, love you bunches!

  6. I already brought out my flip flops! (I had to wear them with my owie toe.) Now we need a little warmth. You have it so bad back there! So sorry. I feel bad for you all! xoxo