Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Don't Feel Well...............

On Thursday night when I came in I was feeling like poopoo! Friday morning & whamo, I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I couldn't stop coughing & it hurt to stand up straight & walk just a few feet...hmmmm! I just started back on Remicade & sometimes that can cause respiratory problems, called my doctor. I was able to get an appointment in the afternoon, fever of 101.4, x-rays showed bronchopneumonia, off to the pharmacy & home with two different kinds of inhalers, antibiotics, & hydrocodone-tussin cough syrup!

I'm wiped out, I took a shower today & put on a nice new pair of P.J.s and I've been lounging around all day long!

Now, I'm heading off for a nap!

Hope you all have a nice weekend, see ya tomorrow!


  1. Bless your little heart! I am so sorry you are feeling bad! Take really good care of yourself and yell if you need me! Love you bunches and I'll be praying for you:) HUGS!

  2. Been praying for you, girlfriend! I hope you are getting enough rest and love to heal you! xoxo