Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh HELLO Girls.........

Hello girls, it’s me, it’s me Bailey & I’m in charge tonight!!!
My poor mom has had a long hard week…I have had tummy trouble again for about a week and a half now & I don’t want to stay upstairs with her so she has been staying with me downstairs just in case I need to get out QUICK!!! And gals let me tell you we’ve had a few close calls! I have to be on a special diet & I think that it costs a lot of money ~ my dad just keeps telling me good thing you’re cute and your mom loves you to pieces ~ YIKES ~ I might bite him!
Anyway, I have been waking her up quite a bit and you know how she has trouble sleeping (she’s napping on the couch right now ;O ) she has been up early and working so late. On Tuesday her battery died and we went to go help her out. I was kind of mad because she wouldn’t let me go with her in her car ~ NO NO NO my car is all nice and new and clean WOOOF WOOOOOOOF to you too lady!
Now she doesn’t feel good, she keeps coughing (don’t tell her I told you this but she sounds a bit like a little yappy puppy & it’s making me crazy).
I decided to write her blog for her, I know that she misses all of you very much. After I finish up here I think I’ll make her a cup of tea. Dad knew that she wasn’t feeling well when she came in tonight with sandwiches, she never lets dad eat sandwiches NEVER~ HE WAS SO HAPPY!!
Well, I’m going to run, no really I don’t like to walk sometimes I prance like a horse but walking is not for me!!
Mom should be back tomorrow.
Bye Girls!!


  1. Tell your momma to feel better soon. My "puppy" has been having some of the same issues, so I know how she feels. Sleep does not come easy, so getting woken up multiple times... so not fun.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Well I sure hope your mama gets to feeling better soon!! I hope your tummy trouble gets better! Tell your mama that I miss her!! Have a good day!! Love you all!!!

  3. Thank you Bailey for letting us hear from your Mama! I miss her terribly but know that you are taking really good care of her! I sure hope your tummy feels better soon! Give your Mama a big hug and tell her that Ganky loves her! HUGS to you too Bailey!