Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gates of The City.....

Carne alantejna, espetada á madeirense, sopa a portuguesa, pudim flan, ferreira porto, ♥ comida portuguesa ♥

Translation...Marinated pork with potatoes and little necks, Madeira-style shish kabob served with Portuguese fries, rice and seasonal vegetables, Fresh vegetables, beef and chouriço soup, custard pudding, port wine, ♥ Portuguese Cuisine ♥

Last night we did something we haven't done for a long time, earlier in the evening we went to my cousins house for a little get together and after that Mr. P took me out to dinner!

We used to have Saturday Date Night every Saturday but somewhere along the way we just stopped! Mr. P likes to eat early, before the crowd gets there...the last time we went for dinner we were given the Early Bird Menu ~ UMMMMMM We'll have plenty of time for dining with the Early Birds Mr. P! Sorry but I don't want to go out to dinner at 3:45 in the afternoon :/ just sayin'!!

We stopped off at home to let Ms. B out & then we headed off to one of my favorite restaurants, Portas da Cidade or Gates of the City, it's not fancy by any means a lot of Portuguese restaurants have very ornate decor not this one. They have a very nice bar area and a big informal open dining room.

Portuguese food has become a favorite of mine, my mother-in-law is Portuguese her father was born on the island of San Miguel her mothers parents were born in Terceira so he grew up eating a lot of this delicious food! I have learned to make quite a few of his favorites but it's always nice to go out for dinner every now and again & the staff at this place is out of this world, so nice! The foo will knock your socks off!!!!

They give you way too much to eat and serve these wonderful little rolls called Pops, warm and crusty smothered in butter ~ OMG!!! I had to have one :-)... I only had a few bites of my dinner the pork with little neck clams because I was saving room for dessert, Pudim Flan a sweet custard that is covered in a carmel sauce that and an espresso with a shot of anise ~ can we say HAPPY HAPPY!

If you ever make it up to my neck of the woods I'll cook up a few things for you as for the breads we'll have to go the bakery early in the morning and get our Sweetbread when it comes out of the oven, get it home grill it up ~ MMMMM or a malasadas, delicious fried dough covered in sugar, GREAT WITH A HOT CUP OF COFFEE and our Pops to go with dinner!

Hungry yet????


  1. Good Morning and YES, I am HUNGRY:) Sounds delicious! I am so happy you and Mr. P had a lovely dinner and ate some wonderful food! I love Chinese, Mexican, Japanese but have never tried Portuguese... I bet I would love it too! Enjoy your Sunday dear Lynda, Hope you do something you enjoy! Love you bunches! HUGS

  2. Your killing me here! I haven't eaten yet today! I would love something to go with my coffee! That is an awesome idea to have something with my coffee right now. Sounds like an awesome time! I'm glad you had your date night at your favorite place! <3 Take Care!!! Hugs to you!

  3. Knock...Knock...
    Anybody home? Am I to early for dinner? Oh my gosh girl, you have my mouth to watering and my taste buds to sliding, I just threw on my boots and scooted right on over. Lordy was this ever a great post.

    I am so thrilled to know that there are a few of us that still like to go out on our Saturday night dates. We still hold hands, and yes we still kiss in public, tastefully with a kiss on the cheek please. I still like to have the door opened for me as well. Isn't Love wonderful at any age?

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. An awesome meal, and one of these days sweetie, I hope to knock on your door. What joy would that be?

    Have a glorious Sunday sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  4. UM yes I am starving!! Thank you very much!! All of that sounds so wonderful!! Girl when we all get together and cook we will have such a wonderful feast!! Can't wait!! Enjoy...Love you bunches!!