Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Month..........

These two sweeties celebrated a birthday this week, Billy & Bailey share the same birthday ~ how funny is that??!! February 8th...he turned 21 & she turned four.

This was the third birthday in a row that I didn't get to see my son on his special day! I tried calling him a few times but he doesn't really have great service out there in the Mojave Desert :? I left him a voicemail & told him that I didn't want the day to go by without wishing him a Happy Birthday. At 11:47pm my phone rang ~ my Marine YAY YAY YAY! It was a quick call, he was good BUSY BUSY BUSY he asked me to hold the phone to Ms. B's ear so that he could wish her a Happy B-Day ~ the look she gave the phone LOL!!

He will be heading out soon & then on home for his pre-d leave, as soon as I have the dates I'll throw together a 21st Birthday/ Deployment send-off bash for him!

Girls, I feel silly telling you all this but I have been crying all week heart is so heavy. I miss my son so much and do not want to see him go YOU KNOW WHERE...I know he has to & I know that he has been trained by the best but it doesn't make it any easier...Sorry to be such a bummer!

Oh, we also have one more special day to celebrate....

This gorgeous princess will be 27 on February 13th...she was born at 11:56pm on February 13th, when she was old enough to understand that her birthday & Valentine's day were only four minutes apart she was so mad with me & asked "mommy, why couldn't you keep "it" in for a few more minutes?" the "it" being her ~ LOL!

Too funny...I'll be seeing her on Sunday YAY YAY YAY!!!

Well, I'm going to scoot! Have a great night!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Happy Birthday to Billy, Bailey and to Nikky on the 13th! I know that you will throw a bash when Billy comes home for pre-deployment leave!

    Love you bunches, have a most blessed weekend! Enjoy your visit with Nikky Sunday:)

  2. Happy Birthday to all your sweeties! Nikky is so pretty and looks so happy! I love that she said that about "keeping it in". Kids and the things they come up with! I just love it. Hope you are doing well. I try to get over and check on everyone and many times do it from the blackberry where I can't comment easily. I guess I am a "partial creeper". :) Have a great weekend!!!

  3. AWww...Happy Birthdays all the way around and back that wagging tail. Hope she gets a special treat. Woobie's birthday is Valentines and he will get his cheeseburger. Happy Birthday to the kiddos too! (okay BIG kids). :-) Have fun partying and planning more parties...

  4. Lots of birthdays. I have a feeling that's going to be quite the birthday bash. ;)

    Nothing wrong with not wanting him to go. You love him and that's that. You support your Marine like crazy which is the bestest thing you can do. :)

  5. I will go ahead and wish everyone a happy birthday!!! I know that you were happy to hear from Billy!! :)

    Now on to this pre-deployment depression...I can feel your pain!!! I am starting to have to send Justin back out for training and then we will have his pre-deployment dates soon. I can't believe we will be dealing with deployment at the same time...The gates of heaven will surely by flooded with all our prayers!! I know that Justin has been and he made it just fine but I still do not want to send him back!! UGH!!!

    Well you have a good day and enjoy your special time with Nikky and get those parties planned!!!

  6. That is awesome they share the same bday! And very awesome Billy called you! He is a special son! I can see why you're already crying. It would almost be better not to know until a week before.... maybe? My prayers are with you, girlfriend!!!
    Love you! Joycie mam from rainy washington state!!!!