Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Got It Bad........

Hi Girls!!! I haven't been sick & I have missed my bloggy pals so much but honestly I have been too tired when I get in from work!

Mr. P's third shift job has really taken it's toll with regard to our sleep patterns....He comes home at 7:15am, heads off to the range is back by 11:00am has a bite to eat & heads off to bed...usually he's asleep by noon & he sleeps until 9:30 - 9:45!!! Gets up hops in the shower throws on his uniform and he's off! WOW 9.5 hours of sleep ~ GRRRR.

Meanwhile I am downstairs or on the computer trying to stay awake, I fight it & fight it and then when I can finally get into bed I am wide awake! Last week I tried staying in Billy's room, after a very in depth conversation with the mister "PLEASE DO NOT WAKE ME UP IF YOU SEE THAT I AM ASLEEP" I decided to just go to bed when I am tired, which meant trying to catch some ZZZZZZZssss in Billy's room....

Mr. P. ~ "LYNDA (shouting) are you asleep, are you going to come up here"

Lynda P. ~ "OMG, what is wrong with you, didn't we just talk about this!!!???? Please, I am having such a a hard time sleeping...we just talked about this!!! Didn't I ask you not to shout for me, not to wake me up, well?

Mr. P. ~ "Yeah, sorry, I just wanted to know if you were going to come up to bed."

Let's try this again, under no circumstances are you to stand at the top of the stairs or in the middle of our room & shout for me at almost 10:00pm at night!!! Don't do it!!

I have been running on no Remicade for almost 6 months, working LONG hours and getting about 3 hours of sleep a night if I am lucky...I'm not sure why but that man just can't seem to stand to see me sleeping! He's always been like that, but honestly I am at my wits end and he just isn't understanding!!! Sorry to whine but I am so damn tired, my eyeballs are bleeding (not really)...

This week, my new plan...

Honey, I am going to get my blanket & pillows and snuggle down on the couch, please do not shout for me PLEASE OR I WILL BLACKEN YOUR EYES!!!

I have been able to come in eat my dinner get cleaned up for bed and just relax...however, someone is still have trouble with DO NOT WAKE ME UP!!!

Mr. P. ~ "Hey, do you want this lamp left on?"


Mr. P. ~ "Want me to let her out one more time?"

Lynda P. ~ "Honestly, is there something wrong with you, I'm not trying to be a smartA$$ but seriously, why can't you just do as I ask? Can't you see that I am asleep, you know that I have been having such a hard time sleeping why do you continue to wake me up?"

Mr. P. ~ NO ANSWER....gets his cooler & heads out the backdoor ~ but not before shouting "GOODNIGHT, SEE YOU TOMORROW NIGHT" ~ followed up with a phone call which causes me to have to get up to answer the phone...


Mr. P. ~ "Don't forget to put your windshield wipers down in the morning..."

Lynda P. ~ "OMG, You must have a death wish $#@^^#@$**&&!!!! @#$% &*%!!!!

You won't be seeing me if you don't' stop waking me up because I am going to be checking into the Days Inn or the Loony Bin either way I'll get some much needed R&R!!!

So that's where I've been!!

Love & Hugs to all, do any of you have a spare room???


  1. Oh my gosh, Lynda:) Parts of this made me giggle and it isn't funny! I have problems sleeping IF my routine is disrupted and Mr. Snorepants knows that I HAVE to have my sleep! I hope you get it worked out! Why not put him in Billy's room and you go to your own bed? Try that so you can get a good night's sleep! Love you bunches and hope you get it worked out! HUGS!

  2. Poor Poor Bunny girlfriend...You probably DO LOOK like the pic at the top....Men!!...You know, that man loves you...he just can't stand to have you there when he's there and have you sleeping. ... and for some reason if he's awake, it must be some kind of comfort????? (ummmm. .doh..not sure what the word would be), know you are there and awake and puttering around. I'm not sure that sleeping in another room is the solution...that's the "surface" fix, but I think when you and Mr. P have some time on the weekend (like going to the beach) ya'll need to have a wonderful meal, and you do some gentle prodding, and digging and and talk!... ask him if it bothers him (and why) for you to sleep when he's awake..cause I always say behind some kind of reaction or behavior going on (that WE DON'T LIKE) there is a struggle going on...gotta find out why he doesn't get it....that you need your sleep, or you are literally going to have to be peeled off the ceiling...If you can find out that!...(the ROOT for what's making him do what he does) then I KNOW you will find the surface solution/answer for your situation. Being a married couple working two different shifts has to be a challenge all by itself, geez....
    When Kurt worked night shift I HATED IT...just sayin...hugs to my bloggy MMS !! I will PRAY for you and your man to get this worked out...calmly...and both of you figuring what the other one wants or needs so that you are HAPPY!!!! GOOD COMMUNICATION is the key to good understanding in marriages...another "advice statement" always running through my head passed down from my Mama!!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Ha! That sounds just like something a man would do!

    I do have an extra room, but it doesn't have a bed in it. I promise I won't wake you up though.

  4. I am so sorry... I laughed! I couldn't help myself... not that it is funny... but how you worded it! You are so cute! I hope you feel better now that you vented. I know you won't until you sleep! The weekend is almost here! Sleep, my friend. You could call me and I will talk you to sleep. When I talk my husband falls asleep! I usually get on the couch and let the TV put me to sleep if I am tired.Something boring. Love you! xoxo

  5. ummm..sorry if I was giving unsolicited advice, bloggy sis...sometimes I do that...sigh! I'm sure you were just venting, and I'm glad you have a sense of humor! I was thinking about you just now and hoping you were GETTING SOME SLEEP cause it's 10:00 here, and well, I just wanted to come back and say so!! HUGS! zzzzzzzzz