Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home For Pre-D.....

Mr. P flew out yesterday morning to hop into Billy's truck waaaayyyyy down in J-Ville to drive all the way back home to Massachusetts...yikes what a long day!

They made it back this afternoon. It was good ot know that they were home & hard to stay at work! I packed it in at about 2:30 I couldn't stand not seeing them so home I went!

And girls I got the biggest hug from that Marine of Mine!!!

I have a little time off while Billy is here, Nikky is taking some time to spend with her brother, life is good! He's home and I am going to cherish every moment...

Be back tomorrow, Love to all of you!


  1. TEARS here dear Lynda, what a wonderful picture of that sweet Marine! I am SO happy that he is home with you... ENJOY every single moment! Can't wait to hear all about his visit! Mr. P is a good DAD to fly down and drive back with him, MORE TEARS! I am a sappy, teary old lady this evening:)

    Love you bunches! Ganky

  2. I am so dreading this for you!! I am so glad that you are getting to spend some special time with him!! Give him a BIG OLE Georgia hugs from me!! Tell him to stay safe and I want his address so that I can start sending out some care packages to him!! Care Packages is where I find my comfort in them being over in that big sand box!! So Address and list of special goodies for that special Marine for me please!! Enjoy your time and do cherish EVERY moment with you said hold him and hold him tight!! I love you and I am here for you or night!!!

  3. Thinking about you Lynda! I saw Cindy go through exactly what you are dealing with right now. So many emotions. Tell him we will all be praying for him. I will get Alex and Avery praying for him, too. They still pray for Justin every night. It will get him through it. He will be back before you know it, but you could pass some time by coming to GA! :)

  4. Enjoy your time! I'm sure you will! Nothing like a big old hug from a strong, grown up son! I love them, too!

  5. Enjoy this precious time. Make sure you take loads of pictures of y'all together. You'll treasure them.

    I think I told you about Daddy Dolls? If not, you can check them out here:

    I highly recommend them - especially the voice box addition. You're never too old to have one. ;)