Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tried To Shop....

I was on a mission yesterday and again this morning to SHOP FOR ME!!! One of you suggested it, Ganky...yes it was Ganky! Well, shop I did I went everywhere & NO LUCK! Don't ya just hate to spend and not a thing to buy :/

I went to the mall, headed right back out ~ it was so busy & I wasn't in the mood to fight the crowd. Scooted into Macy's & I am wondering why they are only selling skinny jeans and leggings??!!! This butt isn't getting into either style anytime soon. I understand trends but not everyone wants to wear it and just because you can get them on doesn't necessarily mean you should stuff yourself into them, jeepers!

Kohl's looked like it had been ransacked, Target a disaster...


Picked up a few odds & ends and then as I rounded the corner next to the coffee alley I spotted these beauties...AAAAHHHHHH! I love slippers and mine were all worn out!

I tried them on and home with me they came! I LOVE THEM, it really was love at first sight <3 <3 <3

I was awake again all night last night & tonight isn't looking good either...crazy I know. Billy & I texted back & forth all night last night.

Those Marines waited out in the freezing cold from 12:00am until 4:00am when the buses arrived to pick them up. He called when he got on the bus, he was cold & tired. He gave a quick call when he got to the airfield, said he slept all the way there.

I got a text from him at 2:00pm they had just made their first layover. He was going to find a restroom, shave grab a cup of coffee & a quick bite and sit with the rest of his unit!

We haven't heard from him since, I am betting that he is there safe & sound. I have been praying all day & I kept the rosary beads that he gave me when he went through the Crucible around my neck with his dog tags, I always carry them every day but when he is on the move I keep them close to my heart...

I'll keep you all posted, Cindy I am seriously considering taking you up on your offer. You Georgia Peaches just might be seeing this face this spring!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Come on down whenever you want to! You can have your own space in my cottage and stay as long as you want to! Heck we might just keep you and change your name:) I prayed at Church this morning for you! When they asked if anyone had an unspoken request, I raised my hand and so did Cindy! Something tells me we were both raising our hands for you! I am happy you got out of the house and found you some WARM looking slippers! Hope you sleep tonight! We all have Billy and you in our prayers! Love you bunches, your Georgia family! HUGS!

  2. He will be fine...Justin didn't ever say it was fun, but just another step of "necessary" training in the work-up, but they all always want to see what Twenty-Nine Palms is like out there in CA. 1/2 did the EMV training package out there too.. Lot of "hurry up and wait" stuff going on...At least it's not FREEZING cold out there...It was in the Arizona training at nights...
    Hugs to you. Glad you found your slippers...OUr BJ's near us is shutting its doors in 1 week....bwah....Kat and Jonny will be OUT OF WORK!! That's where Kat, Justin, and Jonny all have worked. Have a great Monday. We are going to get hit with a storm...yuck.
    Saying a prayer for Billy. xo

  3. How are you feeling? Did your shots help? I am praying for you! It is hard for all of us to see you go through this tough time! Cuz we love you!!!! And I love your new slippers too! I want some! Those look soooo warm. I can't put my one toe in the right slipper... but in time I will. You stay warm and remember you are covered in prayer and love! xoxo

  4. I love those slippers and I like anything that will keep my feet warm...I DO NOT like my feet to be cold!!

    You come on down here anytime...we would love to see you and keep you company! I know that when Justin went to Cali his phone did not work!! And he had to buy a phone card and they were out at first and then got some in and we talked a good bit after that!!

    I am here for you and call me anytime you want!! Love you bunches!!