Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's Try This Again.....

I tried & tried last night to get a blog posted but blogger would not cooperate and it's not looking very promising this morning either ~ GRRRRR

O.k., this blog wouldn't work this morning either...Comcast was outside my bedroom window working on the lines ~ HMMMMMM!!! Mr. Comcast man get this thing fixed before we have a problem you & me!!!

I have more snow pictures for you, yes I said SNOW!!! We woke up to quite a little snow storm yesterday morning! See for yourself!

I know that all of my pictures always look the same but we have a very small yard & I only have one little pooch to model for me, but she is more than happy to show off for all of you!

It was cold here yesterday & didn't warm up at all today...8 degrees & windy YIKES!

Nikky's sister-in-law had a Mary Kay party this afternoon so I went over to Mike's mom Sylvia's for that. It was a silly afternoon, laughter is always good! Rachel, that's Mike's sister did a really good job & the girl that was training her was a hoot! I bought some facial products & then called Nik to see if she wanted them. I broke out in hives by the time I got home :/ dang ~ I was so excited about having a "new" face! I use .......philosophy and haven't had any trouble with it so I think I'll just stick to that! I didn't want Rachel to lose the sale so I had Nik ask her if she could just re-do it to match her skin tone.

Billy sent me some pictures from the desert, the sky was beautiful!

That's about it for me!

Until tomorrow (if this darn thing works) Be Safe & God Bless ~ oh & GO STEELERS, kick some JETS BOOTY!!!!!


  1. Thank you for keeping at it until you got your blog posted:) I love seeing your snow pictures and Ms. B! Just keep the snow up there... we are wimps down here!

    Mary Kay is a good product, Tracy sold it for a long time! Yep, just stick with what works for your skin! I can't wear Estee Lauder, same thing... breaks me out!

    Ok, Happy you heard from Billy and got to see some pictures! Have a blessed evening dear Lynda! Love you bunches! HUGS!

  2. SNOW SNOW GO AWAY!!! Poor girl...But Ms. B does look like she is having fun. Those stuffed toys go outside with them and get dropped and then are stiff as a board when I find them, and all icy from all the saliva that got left on them. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!! All in the washer pphhtt..
    Katie uses some Mary Kay. (pretty! but too pricey for me...yikes!) It's good to find what works. My kids say when I find what I like I am NOT changing! un-unh... Stay warm....brrrr. like Theresa girls down here are WIMPS! Kurt had 15 degree windchill and temp was 1 degree when he walked out of work yesterday...shriek. we are expecting more winter mix in the next 48 hours....:-( :-( RAH for the Marine phone call WOOT! Hugs!

  3. Glad your time at the party was fun. It is sometimes nice just to get out! Sorry about your reaction to the product though!
    I can look at pictures of your baby all day. What a sweet dog. You know me and pets though!
    I Pray you have a wonderful stressful week full of smiles, lightness, and laughter!