Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just Stopping By To Brag....

Yes, every now & then I just like to puff up my chest and brag on my Marine!! Billy called me early this afternoon to tell me that he had been awarded the Navy Marine Corps Achievement , he was so excited & proud & well guess what I did.....CRY, yes you guessed it!!! But these were happy tears!

He will probably receive it tomorrow during Battalion formation, I wish I was there to see it :/

Last night he sent me a bunch of text messages of pictures that he took in the Commissary, tuna, sardines, corned beef in a can...nacho cheese, little make your own pizzas, he wanted me to have a picture to go by when I started shopping for care package contents ~ WHAT A KID! I told him that he could have anything he wanted!

2/6 made it back Monday morning ~ Yay!!! Thank you Marines, job well done!

Well, it's getting late & I'm sooooo tired!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Way to go Billy! I know you are proud of him and so am I:) Bless his heart, putting in his request for packages:) Love you bunches, hugs:)

  2. So proud of him!!! I know you are beaming!! And tell him he will get more care packages with goodies in them than he will know what to do with!! I know me and ganky puffed Justin in while he was over there! :)

    Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!

  3. OOO-RAH Corporal Platt. Job well done. Semper Fi Marine! And also RAH to the 2/6. Thanking God another battalion is back on USA soil.
    Hugs to you MMS!!!! Congrats Proud mama! :-)

  4. Big congrats being sent out!

    Had to laugh at the text pictures for the care packages. At least he's planning ahead. lol! You can fit an amazing amount of stuff in those military flat rate boxes. ;)

  5. That is quite impressive! You should be proud! Are you making lists for care package stuff? I really hope you have a wonderful day... full of smiles! You are loved!!!!

  6. Congrats to Billy! What a great honor for him..and you and Mr. P. I know you guys are so proud of both your sweeties! Have a great day!