Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tears, Tears & More Tears.....

I just can't seem to stop crying :/ I am missing my son so much. I sat on the couch all day yesterday and cried, whenever I went upstairs and passed by his messy room I stopped and peeked in and cried, I can't sleep when he is traveling so I was awake all night until he called us at 5:15am to let us know that he was back in NC and heading to bed...

It's silly I know but every time he comes home it's harder to let him go again! He will be leaving for Mojave Viper very soon, then back to Camp Lejeune, with any luck he will be able to take pre-d leave and then onto you know where ~ that land far far away!

Maybe that's why this time around it was so hard to let him go, I don't know! My head is so stuffy, my eyes are swollen and red I look like I have been punched in the face & just when you think that you couldn't possibly cry one more tear they COME AGAIN ~ :/

I'm going to go make a hot cup of tea & put on my pj's, sorry to be such a poop tonight!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Don't make me come up there with the tissue box! Sometimes we just have to cry! Cindy and I were talking about you at Church this morning and what the timeline was for Billy! I will be praying for his safety to and from everywhere he goes! I hope you get some rest and that the tears will stop flowing! The love of a Mama is the bestest love ever! Love you my friend, sending HUGS and PRAYERS up your way!

  2. Oh Lynda.... Hugging you from afar... dear Marine Mom Sis...I know.... I know...Just gonna put my arm around your shoulder and let you finish crying..and it's okay around here.
    I have cried in Justin's room so many times...sheesh. but ...we are STRONG women! rah. and you got sisters that got your back and some hankies in their pocket. :-) Big Hug. He will be calling you soon telling you all about the exciting things he is doing once again. That's what Marines live for. Semper Fi! xo

  3. I know all about those tears and I have them too!! I just know what lies ahead of me and I am not liking it at ALL!! I dread my Marine leaving today because I know he may not be back as often as he has!! :(

    But I hope that you feel better this morning and I am here for you or night!!
    Love you so much!!!

  4. I wish I could hug you! My prayers are with you!!!! You are loved!