Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm at a aren't the Patriots!

They lost, best team in the NFL, best QB! None of that matters when you don't come to ready play in the post season!

I have to go, I'm burning all of my Patriots "Stuff"!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Yep, I feel your pain... our Falcons stunk it up too! Sad that both teams worked so hard and came up at the end with nada! At least your game wasn't a blow-out like ours:(

    Love you bunches, HUGS!

  2. Oh yeah...I know exactly how you feel...Our Falcons lost last night too!!! I just hate it and it about made me sick with a headache and so I just went to bed and tried not to think about it!! Don't burn everything they will do better next year...MAYBE!! Love you bunches!!

  3. sorry! :-( Hope your Monday is a much better day! :-)

  4. Hey Lynda. The Falcons did not come to play, either. I was sad, though, since my Hubs was at the a booth next to BON JOVI and Zac Brown! :) At least he had some fun! Sorry about your Pats. I always like watching Brady and thought they would pull it off since they lost to the Jets in December. Autumn's boy-friend was happy. His family is from NY and he is a HUGE Jets fan. We will get them next time. Maybe Falcons/Pats next year! You will have to come down and watch it with us if that happens! I am making that a prediction! How fun that would be!!! Have a great day!

  5. I all feel your loss too... our Seahawks lost too! All of us lost girls!!!! How crazy is that? Who should we cheer on now???
    Have a great week anyway! xoxo