Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retail Wednesday!

Look what I bought cute!

now, don't tell hubby, I'm just going to hang them in the closet and pretend like they've been there all along, lol!!!! I know I'm bad!

My husband is a big hunter he goes shot gun and bow hunting (Bailey is his hunting partner) and loves to go to the range to practice. He's befriended an elderly gentleman named Gene who taught him how to use a long-bow (kind of like the ones the Indians used) well, Gene just took such a liking to him that he gave him two of his long-bows that he couldn't shoot anymore. One is an antique and the other he made himself. I wish I had a picture of him to show all of you. I'll get hubby to bring the camera again and take a few pics of them shooting their bows. In the meantime he is a picture of my hubby firing my Marines AR something or other. Lil 'Billy has been out at the range all week in the hot humid Okinawa sun and asked his dad to go out and fire the Old Bess a few times for him ~ we I e-mailed the pics to Lil Billy earlier...

My favorite show is on at 9:00pm, YIKES!!!!

O.k., I'm off to check out MySpace & Facebook before my show comes on....more tomorrow. Have a great night.....

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  1. My Husband Jeff is into the hunting thing and Justin and Bradley are following in his footsteps!! Well Justin is a Grunt and so that is all he does!! I don't care alot for it but everyone has there own hobby!! I like!! Wish I could have gone to Kohl's with you!! We are gonna have to figure out a way to get together!!